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Four Girls Watch A Guy Wank Before Taking Over Themselves

Admiring The Stroker from PureCFNM

Jessica was always doing crazy things – like this one Friday night she invited her girlfriends round to watch a complete stranger strip naked and masturbate in front of them. Shy girl Lucy was very unsure about this but her more confident friends thought it would be fun and giggled along as the guy stripped and started to play with himself in front of them. As his cock grows bigger and bigger, the girls legs begin to open and soon they are all rubbing their pussies while they watch him wank. Watch the trailer here to see how it doesn’t take long before the girls can’t help themselves and reach out and start touching his big penis. They take it in turns to stroke his dick and even make the shy Lucy put her hands on it! Lucy is soon converted and bites her lip in excitement as she wanks this big dick. The girls then stroke him faster and harder while Kerry kneels in front of him and cups her hands, commanding him to spunk in her hands. As the guy starts to ejaculate, most of it pours into Kerry’s hands as the girls cheer in excitement.

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