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Chauffeur Gets Stripped, Wanked and Blown By Five Girls

Showing Off The Chauffeur from PureCFNM

Chantel walks into the kitchen to hear her chauffeur talking to the butler about how her and her friends are all stuck-up posh cows. She is very angry at his insolent attitude and tells him off. She sends the butler out and calls her friends in to help her teach this rude staff member a lesson. She tells him he isn’t fit to wear the uniform she bought for him and with the help of her friends they strip him naked right there and then! The embarrassed chauffeur is very apologetic but when his employer tells her friends to “do what they want with him” he suddenly has female hands all over his body and stroking his cock. Tia, in particular, takes a liking to his large penis and lowers her head over it. Watch the trailer here to see the other girls cry out in shock as she starts sucking his dick in front of them, but she can’t help herself – she loves his hard-on too much. With the other girls now egging her on, Tia carries on sucking him until he erupts in a big orgasm all over himself. Tia is so impressed that she asks him to come and work for her and the two leave hand in hand, much to Chantel’s disgust!

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