About The PureCFNM Blog

May 12th, 2009

PureCFNM is the world’s largest CFNM members site. Started in 2005 by a CFNM fan, PureCFNM has always been at the forefront of the CFNM genre ever since its inception.

This blog was created so that anyone interested in CFNM can easily get access to our latest updates by subscribing to the RSS feed on the top right of any of the blog’s pages.

PureCFNM updates EVERY week without fail and has done since it started – a claim that no other CFNM site can make! We post a new picture series every Tuesday and a new video series every Friday so our members always have fresh CFNM scenes to enjoy – on top of the fact we have the biggest library of exclusive CFNM scenes in the world!

Just an example of the quality of CFNM inside PureCFNM

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