Four Girls Enter The Pleasure Room Where Loads Of Naked Males Are Tied For Their Entertainment

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Pleasure Room from PureCFNM

A group of women are shocked when Axa introduces them to the Fantasy Room, a dungeon where lots of nude guys are chained up. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when she explains that the exposed cocks are there for the amusement of the females. The ladies don’t need to be asked twice and walk round all the naked males, groping and trying out their cocks. As the penises grow hard the girls want to see how much they cum – but weren’t expecting synchronized cumshots as all three studs shot their loads within seconds of each other!

Very few sites have content where women look amazed when the men ejaculate. It is one of the sexiest things to see the amazement on a pretty female’s face as semen flies through the air. This movie is amazing with three orgasms at the same time – head over to PureCFNM to see all of them now!

Teacher Humiliates Girl In Front Of Audience When She Sneaks A Man Into Her Dorm

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No Men Allowed from PureCFNM

Victoria has smuggled her boyfriend into the dorms but when he eats her pussy she moans so loud she wakes up house mistress Sahara. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as she calls the other girls in and yanks back the covers to reveal the naked man! She is appalled but orders Victoria to suck his cock in front of them so they can all see what a dirty girl she is. The other females love the sight of his cock though and beg to join in. Soon they are all taking turns on his dick until he cums everywhere!

This guy must be in heaven! From burying his face in Victoria’s sweet cunt to then getting a four girl blowjob, it must have been his lucky day. Another great CFNM scene from the market leaders in the genre – PureCFNM.

New Guy At Work Is Humiliated, Stripped And Milked By Female Co-Workers

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His First Day from PureCFNM

Boss Honour May likes abusing her position of power at the company. When Axel arrives for his first day on the job she calls in the other secretaries and they inform him that he is not dressed correctly. Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs when they explain that they have a uniform for him and undress him. However, when they see his cock they forget about the other outfit and help themselves. The poor boy has to let the three girls to suck and wank his penis and when he ejaculates on Clea’s bare thighs they get very annoyed with him and kick him out without his clothes!

Getting a blowjob off Clea Gaultier is enough to make any man shoot his load – no wonder he covered her pretty legs with his cum. This scene would be my perfect day in the office – thank you PureCFNM!

Four Bikini Clad Girls Distract Guy From The World Cup Football By Sucking His Cock!

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World Cup Distraction from PureCFNM

Ricky is settling down to watch England in the World Cup when his girlfriend and her three friends come in wanting to use the TV. When he refuses they hatch a plan to ruin his enjoyment. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place as they go next door and change into skimpy England bikinis and then come back in saying they want to support too. Their half naked bodies give him a boner and his wife tells her pals to strip him. When they see his big cock they take turns to suck it until he ejaculates!

Soccer or a blowjob from four babes? Is it that tough a choice? I think I’d record the football and watch it later and let the women to go to town with my throbbing dick . . what about you? Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Three Women Take Advantage Of Guy Locked Out Of His Apartment Naked

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Locked Out Naked from PureCFNM

In a fit of rage, Dru’s girlfriend throws him out of their hotel room without any clothes on. As he bangs on the door trying to get back in, three girls appear in the corridor and are shocked to see a naked man. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when Sophie recognizes him as the player who fucked her and never called her back! The three babes decide to take advantage, spinning him round and yanking his hands away before helping themselves to his big black cock. They then suck him until he cums all over Caitlyn’s shirt.

I think I might pretend to get locked out myself if this is what happens! What a sexy idea, being exposed in front of three giggling women who proceed to take advantage of you. Another horny scenario from PureCFNM.

Rich Girls Strip Their Butler Before Sharing His Cock With Mummy

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Rich Girls Toy from PureCFNM

Pandora has hired a new man servant and on his first day she warns him about her two unruly daughters. But when she steps out, the young girls take advantage of poor Jeeves, pulling his pants off and exposing his large penis. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as Pandora returns and sees the erect penis and she can’t help but have a feel. Soon all three women push him to the ground and pounce on his cock. The younger girls even fight over who sucks his penis first and when they all give him a blowjob he soon surrenders his cum to them.

Some girls are just used to getting what they want – even if it’s some unsuspecting guy’s penis! It’s quite horny that the mother couldn’t help sucking him off in front of her daughters as well! Oh to work for a rich family like this!

Two Nurses Use Doctor’s Cock To Learn About Foreskins Then Suck Him Off!

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Foreskin Practice from PureCFNM

Two medical students are studying for an exam and are struggling with some of the details of the male anatomy. When a surgeon comes in they are desperate to uncover the differences between a circumcised penis and an uncircumcised one. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when they decide to yank his trousers down and start studying his dick! They get him onto the bed and jerk him off while kissing him. Then they take turns to give him a blowjob and when they double team him, the two mouths on his penis at the same time send him over the edge to a big orgasm!

There’s something about nurses that turns me on – and when it’s two stunners giving a double CFNM blowjob then it is literally my perfect scene. Thanks for another horny wank PureCFNM!

Girls Catch Guy Naked In YMCA And Take Turns To Suck His Cock!

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Where's My Pants from PureCFNM

Axel walks into the youth hostel he is staying at and is shocked to find the dorm empty. He decides to get changed but can’t find his pants anywhere. Just then four women come in and discover him in the nude! Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as they find it hilarious and prize his embarrassed hands apart so they can see his cock. They are impressed with his size and push him onto the bed and each have a go to suck and wank his big penis. It’s not long before he surrenders a large load of cum to the excited ladies!

Four females taking turns to suck your cock – that must be every man’s CFNM dream? Click here for more from PureCFNM, the global leader in CFNM content.

Girl Forces New Boyfriend To Meet Her Friends In The Nude!

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Vetting His Size from PureCFNM

When Amy tells her new partner that she wants to introduce him to her pals he is delighted. Little did he realize she was going to make him do it naked! Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs when it seems that this group of ladies have a tradition where they all have to check out the penis size of any potential lovers. The embarrassed guy walks in covering himself but the women pull his hands apart and comment on his penis. They then have a feel before pushing him to the floor and all wanking him off until he has a big ejaculation for their amusement!

Being naked in front of one clothed woman would be arousing – but before six! No wonder this guy had a giant cumshot. I think I would have filled the room with my cum – another very horny scene from PureCFNM.

Secretaries Catch Boss Jerking Off And Help Themselves To His Cock!

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Office After Hours from PureCFNM

Frank is in his office after work hours wanking to porn when suddenly the faces of three co-workers appears on the screen. They have hacked his computer’s webcam and have been watching and recording him for weeks. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place as they tell him to stay where he is as they are on their way. The girls come in and order him they will show the footage to every girl in the office unless he does as he’s told. They strip him naked and take turns on his penis, milking him to a huge orgasm whether he likes it or not!

The best bit about CFNM is the mental control the girls have over the guys. This is a great example when they women blackmail him so they can get their hands on his dick. PureCFNM make the sexiest CFNM porn!