Girl Forces New Boyfriend To Meet Her Friends In The Nude!

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Vetting His Size from PureCFNM

When Amy tells her new partner that she wants to introduce him to her pals he is delighted. Little did he realize she was going to make him do it naked! Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs when it seems that this group of ladies have a tradition where they all have to check out the penis size of any potential lovers. The embarrassed guy walks in covering himself but the women pull his hands apart and comment on his penis. They then have a feel before pushing him to the floor and all wanking him off until he has a big ejaculation for their amusement!

Being naked in front of one clothed woman would be arousing – but before six! No wonder this guy had a giant cumshot. I think I would have filled the room with my cum – another very horny scene from PureCFNM.

Secretaries Catch Boss Jerking Off And Help Themselves To His Cock!

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Office After Hours from PureCFNM

Frank is in his office after work hours wanking to porn when suddenly the faces of three co-workers appears on the screen. They have hacked his computer’s webcam and have been watching and recording him for weeks. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place as they tell him to stay where he is as they are on their way. The girls come in and order him they will show the footage to every girl in the office unless he does as he’s told. They strip him naked and take turns on his penis, milking him to a huge orgasm whether he likes it or not!

The best bit about CFNM is the mental control the girls have over the guys. This is a great example when they women blackmail him so they can get their hands on his dick. PureCFNM make the sexiest CFNM porn!

Male Stripper Is Recognized By Audience Member And Blackmailed Into Sex Acts

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Stripper Recognized from PureCFNM

Male stripper Jake is horrified when he turns up for a private girls night and one of his work colleagues is in the audience! She takes him to one side and tells him that she won’t tell anyone providing he puts on a good show. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when the poor guy then has to strip naked in front of the girls as they grope him. They end up pushing him onto the floor and help themselves to his cock, sucking and wanking him until he cums in front of his office secretary!

It’s very horny to actually enjoy CFNM experiences in real life – but imagine if someone you knew recognized you while you were naked? It’s even sexier in this video where the unfortunate boy has to ejaculate for the babes to get out of his predicament – a major turn on from PureCFNM again.

Girls Use Real Testicles As Stress Balls And Accidentally Make Them Cum

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Stress Balls from PureCFNM

Three women are at the salon for a relaxation session. A computer voice tells them to sit down and close their eyes. They are then instructed to raise their hands behind them to feel the “stress balls”. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as they grope for a while before Honour opens her eyes and cries out as she sees they are feeling actual male genitalia! The robot voice tells them to chill and enjoy it and they are soon jerking off both guys until they each have massive orgasms with the girls shrieking with delight at each spurt!

Two huge ejaculations in this one – I really love it when the girls shriek in excitement when a guy blows his load for their entertainment. There’s lots of movies like this over at PureCFNM.

English Guy Gets Naked For Two Foreign Girls Who End Up Sucking His Cock!

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Tea Traditions from PureCFNM

Mona is visiting England shortly so her mother Cindy decides to help her learn some of their customs. Her British friend Billy comes over to talk Mona through the importance of tea but the young babe is shocked when he walks in naked! Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when Cindy has visited Britain regularly and explains it is normal. “The women are in control in the UK,” she tells her “so the men are always nude”. The two females then take the cock for their own amusement, wanking and sucking it until he surrenders his cum to them.

A mother and daughter CFNM scene – this is so hot! I love the incest themed CFNM movies and no-one does it better than PureCFNM.

Three Girls Find A Naked Guy Tied To A Tree And Take Advantage Of Him!

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Stag Tree Prank from PureCFNM

Three babes are out for a walk in the woods when they are shocked to discover a nude man strapped to a tree. It turns out he is on his stag do and his friends have chained him up in the nude as a prank. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as he begs the women to set him free but they like the look of his cock and decide to have some fun with him first. They take turns to wank and suck his big penis until he has a large orgasm for them – then they walk off leaving him tied up for the next lucky lady to find!

I’d let you tie me to a tree naked if it meant I got a blowjob off these three gorgeous girls! What a great CFNM fantasy – click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Naughty School Girls Are Forced To Lift Their Skirts And Let CFNM Guys Cum On Their Asses!

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Skirts Up Girls from PureCFNM

Headmistress Pandora has heard that two of her girls have been humiliating some of the male tutors. She isn’t angry that her young ladies made the males take all their clothes off, but she needs to teach them a lesson never to make fun of the cock. Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs when she gets the students to bend over her desk and raise their skirts. After having a good feel of their pert bums herself, she calls in the boys that were taken advantage of. They strip naked and get behind the pupils before Pandora wanks them all off over their tight butts!

The sight of these two young college babes raising their dresses and allowing older men to ejaculate on their asses was very erotic. Nice to see the males having a small element of control in CFNM for a change and the girls being slightly degraded.

Fallen Angels Facesit and Suck Off A Guy To Convince Him Hell Is Best

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Gates Of Hell from PureCFNM

After getting blown by three horny angels at the gates of heaven, Stirling is now in hell. He is shocked when the sexy devil’s hench women inform him that down here it’s not about his pleasure – it’s about the girl’s pleasure. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place as they lift their dresses and show him their pussies and then kiss him while taking turns to suck his cock. Georgie then sits on his mouth and face fucks him until the poor man has a large explosion with his tongue still in her wet cunt. So does he now choose heaven or hell?

These girls are making it hard for the unfortunate stud to choose. I think if I got Georgie Lyall’s dripping cunt on my face as well as the blowjob then I’d pick hell though. Click here to see the previous week’s Gates Of Heaven from PureCFNM now.

Three Sexy Angels Use Blowjobs To Persuade Guy To Come To Heaven

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Gates Of Heaven from PureCFNM

Poor Stirling has died and is greeted at the gates of heaven by three angels in skimpy outfits. They explain that they are going to show him how wonderful it is in heaven. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when they then strip him naked and wank and suck his cock until he has a big orgasm for them. “We will do this to you every day if you choose heaven” they tell him. But next week he will go to the gates of hell and see what he thinks of it there after which he must decide where he wants to spend eternity.

A blowjob from these three each day?! Where do I sign up? That’s a no brainer surely. Click here for more fantasy role play CFNM scenes from PureCFNM now.

Naked Guys Are Forced To Give Live Cum Tributes In Front Of Female Audience!

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Tribute Us from PureCFNM

Six girls, fed up with being sent cum tribute photos online, decide to track down five of the perverts who sent them. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as they invite them round to tribute them live as they watch. One by one the men are paraded around completely naked so the ladies can comment on their size and grope their cocks. They take photos of them exposed before ordering them to jerk off. The males get so horny that each in turn they kneel down in front of the females who crowd round giggling and taking pictures as each “tribute” spurts out!

I love how these women put the guys totally on show – like performing monkeys for their amusement. Can you imagine how sexy it would be to be surrounded by a group of girls just as you have your orgasm? Wow, thanks PureCFNM for this incredible fantasy!