Pervy Customer Is Taught A Lesson By 3 Waitresses In A Nightclub

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Nightclub Liberties from PureCFNM

Marc is enjoying a drink at his local Boobies bar when he gropes barmaid Tory’s tits. A few minutes later he touches Samantha’s ass and the waitresses decide to gang up and give him some of his own medicine – just because they are in skimpy outfits doesn’t mean he can fondle them! Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place as they start groping him to see how he likes it and yank his clothes off. They weren’t expecting to find such a big cock and quickly change their tone, wanking and sucking him off until he cums over Tory’s ample cleavage!

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MILFs Take Advantage Of Soaked Young Man, Stripping Him And Sucking His Cock!

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Rain Cover from PureCFNM

Two mature ladies are relaxing under their shelter in the countryside when a very good looking younger guy rushes in to escape the rain. The older women tell him to take off his wet shoes and then spot an opportunity! Watch the trailer here to see what happens when they order him to remove the rest of his wet clothes and soon have the poor boy naked in front of them. The experienced ladies grab hold of his young cock and wank and suck him until he is fully erect. They love playing with this young dick and soon make him ejaculate all over himself!

Older women taking advantage of young men is such a fantasy! I bet all men had that dream when they were young – this lucky guy got to live out those fantasies! Click here to watch more dreams become reality at PureCFNM.

Divorcee’s Friends Help Her Play With First Cock In Years!

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It's Been Ages from PureCFNM

Melody has invited the girls round to cheer up recently separated Louise. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as she orders her husband to serve them drinks in a tiny thong to give her friend a thrill. When she sees how much Louise enjoys the view she tells him to get his penis out. Louise is amazed by his hard dick and when Melody starts sucking it, Louise can’t take her eyes off it. Soon all 3 girls are taking turns to give him a blowjob. His girlfriend then orders him to cum for them and they jack him off over his wife’s trousers!

This is so awesome! I think all wives should share their husbands’ dicks with their friends don’t you? Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

When Couple Are Caught Having Sex Three Women Decide To Join Them!

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Can We Finish from PureCFNM

Frank is getting a blowjob off Lola when her 3 friends suddenly walk in! He covers up embarrassed as Lola simply laughs and tells the girls that she wants to finish him off before they have their night out. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when to his horror the ladies sit down and watch as Lola starts on his cock again. Cherry falls off her chair she is so transfixed by his big erection so Lola pushes him onto the floor and lets all the females to have a go! As they each have a go to wank and suck his dick Frank soon surrenders a huge load of jizz to excite them even more!

I bet this man was horny enough just getting oral sex from Lola. He controlled himself well not to shoot straightaway when the other three joined in! Click here for more group CFNM fantasies from PureCFNM now.

Picnic Girls Are Shocked By Public Flasher But Then Jerk Him To A CFNM Orgasm

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Picnic Trespass from PureCFNM

Three babes are enjoying a picnic by the side of a lake when suddenly a nude man walks by! They didn’t realize that they were on private land and he is the wealthy land owner. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as he says they can stay and they invite him to join them but they can’t stop staring at his cock. They ask if they can take some selfies with it and as they snap away and laugh, his penis starts to stir. They smile and take it in their hands, wanking his fat dick until he shoots a big load of cum for them!

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Guy With Hyperspermia Is Forced To Strip And Prove It By Female Doctor And Nurse

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Hyperspermia from PureCFNM

Max goes to see Doctor Lyall but she gets confused when he tells her that he cums too much! She calls in nurse Candice and they decide to examine him. He undressed and lets them study his cock and balls. Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs when they ask him to masturbate but when they see how big his penis gets they offer to take over. With both girls taking turns to wank his dick it’s not long before Max cums – shooting spurt after spurt which leaves the babes open-mouthed in shock! He must have hyperspermia there is so much semen!

The amount this guy cums is crazy! It’s so hot watching the girls’ genuine reactions of surprise at how much jizz he produces! Lots more like this over at PureCFNM . .

Girlfriend Invites Her Ex Round For A Final CFNM Session But Her Friends Join In!

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Our Old Routine from PureCFNM

Ella’s ex boyfriend used to love stripping naked and jerking off in front of her when she was dressing for a night out. She has invited him round for one final session but wasn’t expecting her flatmates to walk in half dressed in the middle of his show! Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place as the four girls settle down to watch him jacking off but when Ella goes to get dressed they decide to get hands on. They throw him to the ground and take turns to wank him and suck him off. When Ella walks in she insists that they make him blow his load – which he soon does!

Having four beautiful girls staring at me while I jerk off would be a dream come true – wonderful eroticism from PureCFNM!

Guardian Angel Magics Up Two Satin Babes To Suck Loser’s Dick Until He Explodes

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Guardian Angel from PureCFNM

Sam is jerking off to porn in his room when he sighs that he can’t get a real girl. Little does he know his fairy godmother is listening and grants his wish. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when, in a flash, two girls in silk negligees appear and start playing with his dick. They sandwich him and make him grind his dick against their satin covered asses. They then push him to the floor and take turns to suck his erection until he surrenders his semen for them. All of a sudden he wakes up back in his chair again – was it all a dream?

I have dreams exactly like that – but mine never come true! Satin, multiple girls and blowjobs . . does it get any better than that? Click here for more ultimate male fantasies from PureCFNM now.

Girl Meets Boyfriend’s Parents And Is Forced To Suck Daddy’s Cock!

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Meeting The Parents from PureCFNM

When Daniel introduces his new girlfriend to his mum and dad he makes the mistake of going to the shops and leaving them alone. His bossy mother interrogates Gina about her previous love life and even asks her if she is any good at pleasing men! Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as she then orders the father to stand up – she pulls his pants down and shows the young girl how an experienced woman jerks a penis. She yanks Gina’s hand onto the dick and they take turns before the husband cums all over Holly’s pantyhose!

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Girlfriend Asks Her Mates To Join In With Her Boyfriend So She Doesn’t Lose Him!

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Losing Him from PureCFNM

Ashleigh confides in her friends that she is worried that she is losing Jake. He doesn’t think she is adventurous enough in the bedroom so she begs for their assistance. She pleads with them to join in and give him a foursome so he will think she is the best girlfriend ever! Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when Samantha creeps in and strips to her lingerie and then starts sucking Jake’s dick. He is shocked when the other two girls walk in but then lies back and enjoys the three way suckfest until he blows a huge load for them!

We all need a girlfriend like this! Literally begging her mates to give her boyfriend sexual favours – at the same time! Ashleigh, will you marry me? Head over to PureCFNM where these three hotties have done loads of scenes . .