Two Babes Help Guy With A Broken Arm To Relieve His Bursting Balls!

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One Arm Problem from PureCFNM

Clea is shocked when Cherri brings her boyfriend back from the hospital with a fractured arm. They talk about how he is going to manage without being able to write, drive or even masturbate! Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as this gives an idea to Cherri and she decides they should assist him with the last one. She stands him up and pulls his trousers down in front of a surprised Clea. But when his pants hit the floor and she sees his big dick, Clea drops to her knees and both ladies wank and suck his cock until he shoots a huge load for them.

It’s almost worth breaking your arm if the ladies in your life treat you like this! Double blowjobs really get me off and there’s no-one better at them than PureCFNM – click here to see more now.

Girls Discover CFNM In Friend’s Browser History And Give Him A Real Life Experience

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Browser History from PureCFNM

Suzy and Linda want to do some online shopping but when they pick up Antonio’s iPad they are shocked to find CFNM porn on there! When he walks in they confront him about it and he admits liking the fetish. Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs when they discover he has never had a CFNM experience in real life so they stand him up and take all his clothes off. Their eyes bulge at the sight of his big black cock and they take turns sucking it until he shoots a giant load over Suzy’s miniskirt!

I have loads of CFNM on my computer if any of my lady friends want to have a look and then do this to me . . I don’t mind! What a lucky guy having these two babes fighting over his penis, sucking him and then shooting all over them. Click here to view more from PureCFNM now.

Girls Spy On Naked Guy In The Library Before Taking Turns To Suck His Cock

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Library Voyeurs from PureCFNM

Billy has always fancied Sapphire so when she invites him to the library after hours and offers to show him her body he excitedly agrees. He strips off for her, unaware that behind the book shelves, three other women are filming him naked. Once they have enough footage to blackmail him into doing their homework, they come out and decide to help themselves to his cock. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place as all four babes take turns to wank and blow his penis until he shoots a big load all over Cherry’s satin shirt!

This scene has everything – women spying on naked guys, clothed ladies giving blowjobs, a female getting cum on her clothes, girls being dominant with a helpless man – if you like Clothed Female Naked Male, click here to watch this movie from PureCFNM now.

Guy Reports Sexual Misconduct By Female Colleagues But Gets Stripped And Groped By Disciplinary Panel!

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Sexual Misconduct from PureCFNM

Marcus has gone to his bosses to lodge a complaint of sexual harassment. It turns out that three of the accounts girls fondled him, took all his clothes off and sucked him off until he came. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when the three lady managers are shocked but want to make sure they understand the facts. Michelle asks if this is how they grabbed him – as she feels his package! The other bosses join in and recreate the whole thing, undressing the defenseless man and blowing him until he has a big orgasm!

Haha this was very funny! Going in to three powerful women to complain about being sexually molested . . only to be sexually molested by them as well! Love these CFNM scenarios – head over to PureCFNM for more like this now.

Peeping Janes Spy On Guy Wanking Then Finish Him Off!

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Peeping Janes from PureCFNM

Angelina and Zara are convinced they hear Jay jerking off in his room all the time so they decide to hide in his wardrobe and catch him at it! He comes out of his shower and sure enough he starts jacking off, unaware they are watching! Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as after several minutes they can’t help laughing and burst out of the closet to confront him. But his cock looks so yummy that they push him back onto his back and take over, giving him a double handjob until he surrenders his cum!

I would love to be spied on by two sexy girls. Being watched while you wank must be such a turn on – there’s loads of scenes like this over at PureCFNM, the worldwide leader in the CFNM niche.

Four Women Come To Help Guy Who Faints And End Up Sucking His Cock!

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Rare Condition from PureCFNM

Some ladies perusing an art gallery are shocked when a guy passes out. His girlfriend explains that he has a rare condition that makes him a bit giddy when his balls aren’t emptied regularly enough. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when they get him onto a chair and she asks if they will help her sort him out. The girls eagerly agree and are soon yanking his clothes off. They feel his swollen balls and take turns to jerk him off. When some of the babes give him a blowjob too he cums so hard that he hits himself in the face with a massive cumshot!

This scene is great because of the cumshot – they made him shoot so powerfully that he jizzed all over his own face! I loved the girls’ reactions to this – priceless! Click here to see more scenes like this from PureCFNM now.

Two Women Catch A Guy Jerking Off To Porn So They Give Him A Private Show!

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Seeing Pink from PureCFNM

When Ava and Georgie discover a male friend wanking to a porn mag they want to know what was turning him on so much. He says he is obsessed with pussy so, to tease him, they flash him theirs! Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as staring at their beautiful cunts makes him horny and he starts jerking off in front of again. The girls then want a feel themselves and kneel down next to him and take turns to wank his huge dick. When they both milk his dick, he shoots a massive load all over his stomach as the ladies laugh!

You can interrupt me when I’m jerking off if you like ladies? Seeing their perfect pussies would make anyone want to shoot his load. Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Guy Is Tied To A Gloryhole And Pleasured Over And Over Again By Different Women!

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Gloryhole Trap from PureCFNM

When Georgie is confronted by a cock stuck through the gloryhole she tricks the man and chains his penis up so he can’t get away. She then leaves him for the night, during which several girls walk in and either take photos of his dick, slap it or give it a good suck they make him cum. When the hot blonde comes back later she fingers herself to orgasm as he tells her about all the women that have made him ejaculate. Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs when she then offers to untie him if he is able to reach orgasm for a fourth time from her blowjob!

This male may have hated not being in control but how amazing having all those women using him one after the other. I wanked to this scene again and again as it’s such a perfect CFNM fantasy. Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Female Boss Demonstrates New Office Policies By Stripping Young Man In Front Of His Giggling Co Workers!

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Relax At Work from PureCFNM

Honour has been on a management training course where she learnt a relaxed work force is a productive one. She has encouraged her team to act like they are at home when they are in the office but the message hasn’t sunk in. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place she decides to show what she means with young Sam, putting porn onto his PC and shocking everyone by encouraging him to have a wank. When he hesitates she gets the secretaries to undress him and they take turns wanking and sucking him off until he cums!

Five stunning secretaries all helping themselves to this young guy’s exposed dick – it’s got to be every male office worker’s fantasy hasn’t it? Click here for more CFNM dreams from PureCFNM.

Five Girls Gang Up On A Defenseless Guy, Strip Him Naked And Spank And Milk Him Dry

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Public Spanking from PureCFNM

When Sean smacked his girlfriend, little did he realize she would tell her friends and they would arrange some payback! Her best make ties him up naked and parades him in front of four other women. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when they bend him over a desk and one by one they spank him with their hands and a leather paddle. The females find it hilarious when he gets an erection from the flogging so they jerk him off onto the floor before pushing him face down in his own cum!

Robbed of his clothes, humiliated and paraded around before five ladies who then take turns to smack your ass then jerk your balls dry – is that awful or wonderful? I know which I think it is . . click here for more from PureCFNM now.