Female Boss Demonstrates New Office Policies By Stripping Young Man In Front Of His Giggling Co Workers!

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Relax At Work from PureCFNM

Honour has been on a management training course where she learnt a relaxed work force is a productive one. She has encouraged her team to act like they are at home when they are in the office but the message hasn’t sunk in. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place she decides to show what she means with young Sam, putting porn onto his PC and shocking everyone by encouraging him to have a wank. When he hesitates she gets the secretaries to undress him and they take turns wanking and sucking him off until he cums!

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Five Girls Gang Up On A Defenseless Guy, Strip Him Naked And Spank And Milk Him Dry

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Public Spanking from PureCFNM

When Sean smacked his girlfriend, little did he realize she would tell her friends and they would arrange some payback! Her best make ties him up naked and parades him in front of four other women. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when they bend him over a desk and one by one they spank him with their hands and a leather paddle. The females find it hilarious when he gets an erection from the flogging so they jerk him off onto the floor before pushing him face down in his own cum!

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Foreign Police Women Use Their Power To Strip Search And Face Fuck A Poor Male Victim

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Foreign Police from PureCFNM

Jake is on a stag do in Budapest when the local police spot him urinating in the street. They handcuff him and take him to the station where they decide to strip search him. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as they laugh when his small cock pops into view and throw him to the floor. They then take turns to straddle his face and cum in his mouth while the other girl sucks his now large penis. [When they double team his dick he accidentally ejaculates in Suzy’s face and hair – he’s really in trouble now!

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Girl’s Work Colleagues Watch Her Boyfriend Jerking Off Then Grab Hold Of His Cock!

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Meet Her Boss from PureCFNM

Roxi is bringing her boss and two co workers home to meet husband Jason because she hopes to get him a job. She is horrified when they walk in to find him wanking to a porn mag. Manager Lola doesn’t seem to mind and tells him to carry on while they watch. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when it’s not long before Roxi’s colleagues decide to join in. When Roxi helps out as well, the sensation of four girls on his cock makes Jason cum very quickly – his premature ejaculation making the women howl with laughter!

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Three Babes Humiliate And Tease Naked CFNM Guy Who Can’t Control His Boner

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Fuck My Hand from PureCFNM

Mark likes having some naughty fun with Michelle but is horrified to find that today she has invited two other females along. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as she tells them how quickly he cums and they find it hilarious and want to see! The women strip him naked and are surprised that he already has an erection. They gently touch his cock and laugh as it jumps in excitement. They torment him with their hair and then their tongues and finally they get him to fuck their hands until he shoots a big load for them.

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Two Nurses Suck The Life Back Into Injured Man’s Penis!

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Bed Bath Miracle from PureCFNM

Medical staff Angelina and Zara are giving a bed bath when they notice the patient’s cock beginning to twitch. He has been unable to feel anything from the waist down after a motorbike accident but as their hands touch his dick it gets aroused. Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs when they give his cock a nice soapy handjob before washing it with water. The poor guy is thrilled he has an erection and can’t believe his eyes when both nurses take his dick in their mouths, sucking him until he ejaculates for them!

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Four Girls Strip Boy Naked In A Library And Take Turns On His Cock!

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Studying In The Library from PureCFNM

Katie is getting frustrated because she can’t get to grips with the male anatomy for her upcoming exam. She offers to take her clothes off if James will do the same and her eyes light up as his penis pops out. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place as she starts studying it with her hands and it becomes hard just as Ella walks in! She is shocked but also wants to have a closer look. They are both groping it when two librarians come in. The four women are so taken with the young dick that they get him on the table and jerk him off until he cums!

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Presenter Imagines Guys Naked To Calm Nerves But Then Watches Them Being Sucked Off!

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Imagine Them Naked from PureCFNM

Charlie is panicking about giving a public presentation but her boss Amber advises her to picture the audience in the nude to relax her. As Charlie stutters through the first part she remembers the words of wisdom but when she opens her eyes all the men in the room really ARE totally exposed! To put her off even more, Amber and Anita start wanking and sucking them all until all three guys shoot their loads. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when the shocked Charlie closes her eyes but as soon as she opens them the men are fully clothed again – what happened?

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Rich Women Auction Off Naked Men Then Help Themselves To Their Hard Cocks

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Bidding On Cock from PureCFNM

The wealthy ladies of the town have gathered together for their regular auction of male servants. Auctioneer Amy brings in lot 12 and removes his robe. She measures his penis before leading him by the penis round the room so all six ladies can have a feel! Elouise insists on having a closer inspection so Amy moves onto the next guy, examines his dick and parades him round. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as soon the ladies lose control and are sucking off both guys in groups before greedy girl Rhiannon takes both cum loads on her pretty young face!

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Four Girls Enter The Pleasure Room Where Loads Of Naked Males Are Tied For Their Entertainment

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Pleasure Room from PureCFNM

A group of women are shocked when Axa introduces them to the Fantasy Room, a dungeon where lots of nude guys are chained up. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when she explains that the exposed cocks are there for the amusement of the females. The ladies don’t need to be asked twice and walk round all the naked males, groping and trying out their cocks. As the penises grow hard the girls want to see how much they cum – but weren’t expecting synchronized cumshots as all three studs shot their loads within seconds of each other!

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