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Female Swimming Teachers Strip And Suck Young Male Student

April 29th, 2016 No comments

Swim Teachers from PureCFNM

Billy has just finished his shower and decides to flick through one of the porn mags in his locker. Unfortunately swimming instructors Ava and Chelsey walk in and catch him at it. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what takes place as they confiscate the naughty material and pull off his towel to see how excited it has got him. The sight of the hard young cock soon has the two tutors fighting to taste his penis. They push him onto his back and let him feel their asses through the swimsuits until he gives up his teen sperm for them.

Is there anything hornier than two confident, experienced women taking advantage of a young boy? These teachers wanted a hard young dick and once they saw it they were going to have it whether he liked it or not. An amazing CFNM blowjob scene from two hot MILFs! See more from PureCFNM here.

Rich Bitches Use Man Servant For Their Sexual Pleasure

April 22nd, 2016 No comments

Man Servant from PureCFNM

Wealthy socialite Mia has just hired a new male butler to take care of her needs whilst her husband is out working. Introducing him to her two young friends, she decides to show him off and orders him to strip naked in front of them. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when the girls are shocked at how erect he is the instant his pants come off. As they start wrapping their hands around his dick, he begins to fuck their fists until he takes them all by surprise and shoots a big ejaculation all over the coffee table!

You can’t blame this guy for shooting his load so quickly. If these three babes undressed me and had their fingers all over my cock, I would jizz in no time at all also. I loved their faces when he came so fast – they really were not expecting that at all – very sexy and amusing at the same time! Click here for more like this.

School Girls Watch Their Friend Suck Her First Black Cock

April 15th, 2016 No comments

First Black Cock from PureCFNM

When supply teacher Antonio walks into the college classroom, sexy student Kiki can’t believe her eyes. She was forced to leave her previous college after an indiscretion with the very same tutor! Take a look at the sample clip here to view what occurs as she tells her classmates about how big his dick is and they persuade her to ask him about it. The professor is horrified but when the girls threaten to inform the head what he did with Kiki, he strips naked. Their innocent eyes bulge as they see his large interracial cock and Kiki and Tasha then wank and suck him until he cums all over her skirt!

Five horny schoolgirls watch you undress and then have your penis sucked . . no wonder this lucky teacher blew his load all over one of the girl’s uniforms. If you love themed CFNM scenes like this, click here to visit PureCFNM now, the home of CFNM.

Girl Sells Tickets To CFNM Show To Her Friends And Makes Boyfriend Perform For Them!

April 8th, 2016 No comments

Selling Tickets from PureCFNM

Chantelle wants to earn some extra money by pimping out her husband’s dick and she arranges a CFNM show and touts tickets to excited females. She just tells boyfriend Ricky that she wants another girl to join them in the bedroom but once he is naked, girl after girl appears through the door brandishing a ticket. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when he tries to protest but Chantelle covers his mouth and gets 20-year-old Emma to suck his cock to keep him quiet. He is soon shooting his load everywhere while the women film it on their phones!

If anyone wants to whore me out so a load of girls can see my cock then I’m quite up for it! Lucky bastard having a girlfriend who wants to share him with all her mates. This really is a fantasy come true! Thanks again PureCFNM.

Group Of Horny Girls Rip Guy’s Clothes Off And Suck His Cock To Relieve Blue Balls

April 1st, 2016 No comments

Blue Ball Relief from PureCFNM

When depressed Justin confides in three lady friends that his girlfriend enjoys playing evil games and hasn’t allowed him to cum in two weeks, they are very worried. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens as they tell him that it is unhealthy to have aching blue balls and that it’s important they relieve him. He is scared to cheat on his fiancee but the three babes aren’t taking no for an answer, tearing his trousers down and diving on his dick. As all three of them take turns to blow his cock, he soon shoots a fortnight’s worth of cum as they watch laughing!

I need to get some female pals like these! Talk about friends with benefits. Three ladies sucking on your penis and begging you to empty your cum all over them. Fucking horny stuff from PureCFNM again!