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Girls Make Fun Of Boy Getting Erection During Movie And Then Suck Him Off

March 25th, 2016 No comments

Movie Boner from PureCFNM

Billy and Taylor are watching a film together when the footage suddenly gets raunchy. With nudity on screen and a stunning blonde next to him, the young lad gets a boner. Hannah and Ashley walk in behind them and spot the tent in his trousers and can’t help laughing at him. Watch the trailer here to view what occurs when Taylor notices what has happened and wants to find out just how big an effect she had on him. The babes pull his trousers down and start playing with the throbbing young dick. It’s not long before the young guy shoots a large load of cum all over the place for them.

It’s a very sexy scenario for three ladies to be laughing at an unwanted erection. The poor boy didn’t have control over his own penis but these women certainly did! I loved the way they seemed to really get off on emptying his balls. Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Horny Girls Strip And Suck Their Dad’s Best Friend

March 18th, 2016 No comments

Dad's Best Friend from PureCFNM

Alessa’s father is allowing his best pal to stay with them for a bit as he is down on his luck. The girls are in the lounge when Joe finishes his shower and walks] in wearing only a robe. As he sits down to read a magazine, the gown parts slightly, allowing the ladies to clearly see his cock! Take a look at the sample clip here to see what takes place as they giggle and stare at it for several minutes before telling him what has happened. They threaten to tell Alessa’s dad unless he shows them his penis properly. The females then take turns playing with their new toy until he shoots a big load of cum everywhere.

It’s every old guy’s dream – to have three sexy young girls milking his dick, desperate to make him cum. Very horny incest stuff from PureCFNM, the global leaders in the CFNM genre.

Horny Girls Are Desperate To See What Is Under Scotsman’s Kilt

March 11th, 2016 No comments

True Scotsman from PureCFNM

The babes are dressed as farm maids with sexy frilly outfits ready for a fancy dress party. When Dave arrives to pick them up in his Scottish costume they all want to see what he’s got beneath his kilt. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when he explains he is a “true Scot” but they wish to see for themselves. They look under his kilt and giggle when they realize he has no underwear but are then shocked when they realize he has a really big dick. They hike up the costume and help themselves to his cock, all three of them sucking it until they make him ejaculate in Carmel’s cupped hands.

I love the way these three girls ignore the guy’s wishes and just lift up his kilt and take what they want – his penis! Milking him into their hands so they can study his semen is something I haven’t seen before in a porn film – click here for more unusual CFNM from PureCFNM.

Slumber Party Girls Catch Guy Jerking Off And Suck His Balls Dry

March 4th, 2016 No comments

Slumber Party Shock from PureCFNM

Three babes are enjoying a slumber party. When Carla goes to borrow a lighter from her step brother’s bedroom she finds him wanking to a porn mag. The females find this hilarious and pull the covers off his bed to expose him. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what occurs as they yank his hands apart and laugh at his nudity before taking turns to play with his cock. They even get Carla to put her hands on his rock hard dick. When Amirah and Lu give him a double blowjob the poor boy can’t hold back any longer and cums all over himself as the ladies giggle their heads off!

Three stunning girls doing CFNM in shiny satin nighties – can it get any hotter than that? No wonder this guy had a massive orgasm with his step sister [watching as well! Click here for more sexy stuff from PureCFNM now.