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Priest Is Wanked And Sucked Off By Three Horny Nuns

October 25th, 2013 No comments

Welcome To The Convent from PureCFNM

A new sister is being shown round the convent today. When Father Trevor discovers she is still an innocent virgin he decides to take advantage of the opportunity. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens as he exposes his cock to her, explaining that as he isn’t allowed to relieve himself, maybe she could do it for him. The young girl is shocked but soon finds herself playing with the big penis – just as nuns Tiffany and Adele walk in. They are appalled to start with but quickly realize how long it’s been since they had some dick and suddenly the three ladies are all taking turns on the Father’s cock. When Emma begins sucking his penis he soon shoots his holy water all over her face!

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Sexy Girl Wanks Off A Pervert As He Spies On Her Sister Wanking

October 18th, 2013 No comments

Watching Sister Masturbate from PureCFNM

Cody is in her bedroom feeling horny and starts masturbating. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when the sister isn’t wearing much and her gaping pussy and ass are on show as she rubs away on the bed. Little does she know that outside, James is watching through the glass panel in the door. He is in mid a wank with his pants round his ankles when Cody’s sister Jess comes up behind him, grabbing his mouth with one hand and his penis with the other. She tells him to keep quiet as she takes over jerking his dick while talking dirty about her own sister! The naked cunt in front of his eyes and the filthy words in his ear soon make James spunk all over the door just as Cody reaches a loud moment of ecstasy!

This guy did well to hold on as long as he did. The naughty words of Jess West in one ear and the incredible naked body of Cody Coxx in front of him – either one of those alone would have caused me to ejaculate my load all over the place. Another very horny video from PureCFNM, the global front runner in Clothed Female Naked Male entertainment.

Spy Is Stripped, Blown And Fucked By Three Girls To Make Him Talk!

October 11th, 2013 No comments

The Interrogation from PureCFNM

International secret agent Pascal knows the location of the vital formula but is refusing to tell his beautiful interrogators. He begins to get worried when they start cutting off his clothes with scissors and then laugh at him sitting there naked. But he still doesn’t spill the beans so the women take turns to tease and wank his cock until it is standing to attention. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what occurs as this doesn’t work so Billie and Anna begin sucking on his penis to torment him further. His continued silence leaves only one option – Billie will have to fuck the information out of him – which she does, screwing him until he is so horny that he spills the location then shoots his load all over her face!

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Beautiful Doctor Shaves Patient’s Balls Then Sucks His Cock Dry!

October 4th, 2013 No comments

Shaved For The Op from PureCFNM

Mr Davies has arrived at the hospital for his vasectomy operation but when an attractive female doctor arrives to shave his scrotum he gets extremely embarrassed. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when having such a gorgeous lady touching his penis and nut sack has an effect on him and even the sharp steel on his balls can’t stop him from growing an erection. When she massages the shaving foam into his balls and then gently lifts his dick so she can start shaving, his hard-on becomes bigger. The doctor looks impressed with his size as she explains that he isn’t able to go into the procedure in that state. So she begins slowly wanking and then blowing his cock until he shoots all over her hands and mouth!

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