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Naked Towel Slip Guy Is Pounced On By Two Horny Girls

March 29th, 2013 No comments

Another Peek from PureCFNM

Steve finishes his shower and goes to get a drink from the kitchen but his towel accidentally slips off and Jess and Karlie get a full on look at his cock! Watch the trailer here to see what happens as Steve is very embarrassed and retreats to his room but Jess walks in soon after asking for another look! He reluctantly shows her however they are disturbed by a door knock and she hides in the cupboard as Karlie enters. She also wants a second inspection and before long she has Steve stripped off. When she starts wanking his penis Jess bursts out of the en=suite demanding to have a play as well. The women then team up to stroke his dick and caress his body until he spunks all over the place. They walk out telling him to have a rest – they will be back soon to fuck his brains out!

He was initially horrified but this quickly turned to heaven as both ladies wanted to get their hands on his naked body. I’ve never had two females lusting after my cock but I bet it’s incredibly exciting! If it’s a fantasy of yours then click here to see loads more scenes like this one from PureCFNM, the worldwide leader in realistic CFNM entertainment.

School Boy Is Stripped And Milked In Front Of The Entire Class

March 22nd, 2013 No comments

Dirty Little Boy from PureCFNM

Jamie and Alyssa are sitting in their maths lesson listening to teacher Stephanie droning on about fractions. Alyssa teases Jamie that he fancies the tutor and likes her ass, running her hand over his bulge to get him excited. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when she tempts him that if he drops his trousers she will jerk him off without anyone knowing – but as soon as his pants come down she calls the teacher over and he is in a lot of trouble! He is dragged to the front of the class with his trousers round his ankles as Stephanie explains about “dirty little boys” and their willies! She then teaches Alyssa how to “milk the cow” – the two of them wanking his penis until he shoots a load of cum all over their hands.

The poor lad was just doing what the naughty schoolgirl asked him to do and she dropped him in it! Although he was embarrassed he certainly got to enjoy getting milked by two pretty girls though. When they wrapped their gorgeous hands round his cock the humiliation of having his cock out in school soon went away until he ejaculated all over the place. Let’s hope the entire college doesn’t hear about this or he might get stroked on a regular basis by the females! PureCFNM is the market leader in realistic CFNM action – click here to see more of their videos now.

Gorgeous Sex Addicts Strip, Suck And Fuck A Lucky Guy

March 15th, 2013 No comments

Sex Addiction Clinic from PureCFNM

Red has three newcomers in her sex addiction clinic. Louise and Rio are diagnosed nymphomaniacs and Christian is a chronic masturbator. But, as she gets them to discuss their problems, the girls take a liking to Christian. Before Red knows what is happening they are stripping him off, ignoring her shouts of “control yourselves”! Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as the women help themselves to his body, wanking and sucking his huge dick as Red looks on horrified. Rio then decides it is too good to resist and forces him to screw her in several positions, screaming her head off as she rides the massive cock. Louise kisses Rio as she humps the naked guy and he soon explodes all over their faces to the shock of counselor Red!

If you get three attractive sex maniacs in the same room you are asking for trouble and that’s exactly what this class got – a full on CFNM fuck fest with two women having their way with an exposed male. If ever I wanted to be a porn star this scene would be the one I wish to be in – what a lucky bastard! Click here to see more fortunate gits being undressed and milked by stunning CFNM ladies at PureCFNM.

Life Model Gets Unwanted Erection And Is Then Jerked Off In Front Of All Female Class

March 8th, 2013 No comments

Unwanted Erection from PureCFNM

The girls are having their usual art session but today they have a male artist’s model to draw. When he whips off his robe the women all giggle as they stare at his cock. As the teacher goes round looking at their work they take it in turns to tease him by lifting their skirts and showing him their tits. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when this soon gives him an embarrassing stiffie and as soon as the tutor spots this she is very annoyed. She invites the ladies to gather round and inspect his penis up close and she even starts wanking it so they can sketch it full size. Jess asks if she is allowed to have a feel and it’s not long before both females are milking his dick until he has an enormous explosion, spurt after spurt flying out to amaze the laughing girls!

This guy may have been embarrassed with all those women staring at him as he developed a hard-on – but he certainly looked to enjoy himself if the size of his orgasm is anything to go by! Wow, so much spunk flying out of his manhood, no wonder the ladies loved his show! If you enjoy seeing females reacting to naked men and then making them shoot their loads for their amusement, click here to watch more from PureCFNM, the market leaders in the CFNM niche.

Unusual POV Scene from PureCFNM – 3 Clothed Babes Jerk Your Cock

March 1st, 2013 No comments

3 Girl POV from PureCFNM

You are just settling down to a nice wank when three hotties walk down the stairs and catch you! Damn it, you thought they were out. As you cover up they find it hilarious that they have seen your penis and want another look. You protest and hide your groin but as the three gorgeous women gather round you and beg to see your dick a second time, you take your hand away and let them have a good look. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as they like what they see and start playing with it, becoming impressed with how big it is getting. When the two younger girls lift their skirts up and flash their tits, asses and pussies you get very turned on and they then sit back down to milk every last drop of spunk out of your cock – which you duly oblige them with!

Oh my god! Did you see how nice that Holly Adams’ ass is in this video? No wonder the guy – sorry, I mean “we” – shot our load so quickly! It’s unusual for PureCFNM to do a Point Of View film which is why I really liked this one – POV CFNM is rare and this is definitely a hot movie. PureCFNM has the largest collection of exclusive Clothed Female Naked Male scenes anywhere in the world – click here to visit them now.