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Three Sexy Babes Force Guy To Cum Twice In A Row!

February 22nd, 2013 No comments

Keep On Cumming from PureCFNM

When Jess tells her two friends about how amazing her new boyfriend is and how he can cum again and again they don’t believe her and ask for proof. As soon as he comes home the poor guy is pounced on and stripped naked in front of the girls and Jess informs him “not to let her down!” She commands him to show the women how he is able to spunk several times without a break and then ignores his protests as the females take turns to wank him to a huge orgasm that hits him in his own face! Watch the trailer here to see what happens when Michelle still isn’t convinced and wants to see him ejaculate again without a break. So the ladies start stroking his cock again and Bunny begins sucking his cock and within [a short while|minutes]] he produces a second cum blast. “Shall we do it again?” says Jess . .

When I first watched this scene I thought “what a talented guy” but then when I thought about it I think most men would cum time and time again for these three amazing babes. Jessica Pressley would definitely make me shoot my load every day of the week! There’s loads more sexy CFNM videos like this one at PureCFNM, click here to go there now.

Girls Take Advantage Of Guy With Tent In His Pyjamas And Make Him Spunk

February 15th, 2013 No comments

Tent In His Pyjamas from PureCFNM

Three ladies are having a slumber party when they hear Rio’s sexy flatmate James come home. They invite him in to join them but insist he has to get his pyjamas on as well. He comes back in donning some nerdy pyjamas but soon regrets it as the sight of the women in their skimpy nightwear has his penis rock hard. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as he tries to cover it with a pillow but the females pull it away and want to see it properly. They hold him down and tug his clothes off and lick their lips as they see his big cock flop out. They take turns to stroke his dick and then they start sucking it while Rio kisses him passionately. This soon has James spunking all over the place before Rio sits on his face and demands some pleasure for herself!

Having these three stunners jerk and suck me off would be a dream come true – but then to have Rio Lee squat over my mouth!! I am sure I would cum again within minutes if she forced her beautiful cunt over my face while her two friends watched. I fucking love CFNM and there’s no-one better at it than PureCFNM, click here to see more of their amazing videos now!

Girls Offer Him A Lift But Then Force Him To Strip And Get Sucked Off

February 8th, 2013 No comments

Want A Lift? from PureCFNM

Paul’s motorbike has broken down on his way to London for an important meeting. When three ladies stop by in their camper van and suggest a ride he jumps at the chance. They offer him a shower as they are driving along but when he comes out wearing just a towel they get a glimpse at his massive cock and their eyes widen! Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when they make him remove the towel or they won’t drive him to his appointment. Once he is naked they help themselves to his penis, groping and wanking it to an enormous erection before taking it in turns to suck it. When the three of them team up to suck his dick at the same time it proves too much and he explodes all over Barbie’s tits!

If I was this guy I would have forgotten about my meeting and stayed on the Winnebago for the rest of the day. “Do what you like to me girls, I‘m not going anywhere” I would have said. What a lucky bastard being forced to undress in front of three babes so they can all suck him off. If this sort of unique porn gets you off you will find loads more like it at PureCFNM – the global leader in realistic CFNM movies.

Three Female Casting Agents Take Advantage Of Hunky Male Actor

February 1st, 2013 No comments

Female Casting Agents from PureCFNM

Well known talent agent Wendy Taylor is interviewing a new male wannabe today. She often abuses the good looking guys who need her help and today is no different. She explains that if he wants her to represent him she needs to see him naked – in case that’s what the role calls for. Watch the trailer here to see what happens as Wendy letches over his nude toned body and then calls in her two sexy colleagues for second opinions. The poor guy is very embarrassed but the women won’t leave him alone, caressing his physique and stroking his dick. Lexi and Stephanie then get on their knees and have a blowjob competition, taking it in turns to suck his huge cock until he explodes all over their faces.

Please get me an audition with this agency! I will work for free – anything to get these three gorgeous ladies’ hands and mouths on my penis. This is what I love about the scenes from PureCFNM – I can sit and fantasize about the guy actually being me – bearing in mind they use their own members as the men. Click here to find out more now.