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Schoolgirls Strip Guy Naked Then Suck His Cock For A Facial

January 25th, 2013 No comments

Schoolgirls Take Charge from PureCFNM

Carly and Sasha are on the bed in their schoolgirl uniforms when Simon comes in looking for Sasha’s brother. He decides to wait but soon gets very aroused at the sight of the girls asses in their tartan skirts. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when he rubs the front of his trousers and even pulls his cock out – just as Sasha turns round! The babes are shocked and insist on seeing what he was doing – forcing him to strip or they will tell Sasha’s brother. They laugh their heads off when they see his red thong but are then extremely impressed with the size of his penis. They start playing with it and quickly take it in turns to suck it, eventually giving him an amazing double blowjob until he ejaculates into their faces!

Women have a power over us guys and when we spot something sexy we simply can’t help reaching for our dicks. That led to some embarrassing moments for this man but when the two horny females began sucking his cock I am sure he got over it! I’m not surprised he plastered their beautiful faces with his man juice – click here to see more top Clothed Female Naked Male action from PureCFNM now.

Reluctant Substitute Is Stripped, Wanked And Sucked Off By Two Total Stunners

January 18th, 2013 No comments

Reluctant Substitute from PureCFNM

Cocky courier Pete has worked out what goes on inside the walls of Pure towers and each day when he drops off the parcels he asks office manager Jessica to let him get involved on a shoot. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as they are chatting and Jess gets a call that the male talent for that day has cancelled and she offers it to Pete. He suddenly gets cold feet and says it was only banter but Jess drags him upstairs to meet Lucy and before he knows what is taking place, the babes are undressing him. When his huge dick flops out of his pants the hotties become like wild animals, pushing him into a chair and stroking and blowing his cock like crazy! The poor guy can’t hold back with his penis in two girls mouths and he spunks all over Lucy’s pretty young face!

You can understand being nervous if your bluff was called like this but I think I would have forgotten all that as soon as two ladies like these two put my manhood in their mouths! This is one lucky guy – just like all the guys at PureCFNM, the market leader in CFNM entertainment, where they use actual members in their scenes!

Young Girl Gets Family Doctor To Teach Her About Cocks

January 11th, 2013 No comments

Please Doctor from PureCFNM

Tiffany is at the doctor’s, claiming to have pains in her chest. She places the doctor’s hand on her tits and he soon realizes she has other reasons for her visit. She says she is inexperienced with men and wants him to show her about a man’s body. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when the doctor is very reluctant but as soon as she starts rubbing the front of his trousers he is putty in her hands. She undoes his pants and when his big, erect penis springs out she looks like she has won the lottery! She gently touches it and then begins stroking it while asking him questions about sex. The doctor soon spunks all over the young babe’s hands before booking another appointment so he can teach her “other things”.

This doctor definitely crossed the line but with a patient as young, naive and sexy as Tiffany I don’t really blame him. If she started feeling the bulge in of my trousers in that tiny miniskirt I would have cum my load before I had even got my belt undone! If you enjoy CFNM scenes like this one, click here to watch more from the worldwide front runner in the niche – PureCFNM.

Four Babes Take Advantage Of Naked Sleep Walker And Suck Him Dry

January 4th, 2013 No comments

Sleep Walking from PureCFNM

Holly’s new man is working nights so he is in bed as she has a coffee morning with her friends. However, it turns out he is a sleep walker and the girls nearly jump out of their skin when he walks into the living room completely naked and still asleep! Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as Holly covers his cock in embarrassment but the others persuade her to let them have a look. It’s not long before they want to see it at full size as well! They take it in turns to play with his penis until he is rock solid and Hannah even takes his dick into her mouth without even asking Holly’s permission! This proves too much for the snoozing man who shoots a huge load of cum over Hannah’s face before Holly leads him back to bed.

This guy must have thought he was having the best dream ever! Standing naked in front of four women and then getting stroked and blown by them all. He would have woken up feeling pretty amazing I think! I love these sort of scenes as I really can imagine myself in the role of the guy – click here to see more amazing movies like this one from PureCFNM.