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Boy Is Pantsed By Seven Girls At A Toga Party And Sucked Off Until He Cums Twice!

December 28th, 2012 No comments

Toga Party from PureCFNM

When two guys arrive at Jess’s toga party they are asked to pass “the test”. Justin knows this means they check if he has on any underwear under his toga and he flashes them, gets a cheer and goes off to grab a drink. Unfortunately, no-one told Jamie about the test and he has on pants! Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when the girls are very unhappy about this and strip him naked as a punishment. However when all seven women set eyes on his fit young body and twitching penis they get very excited. Jess and Nikki sit him down and take turns wanking and sucking his dick until he cums to cheers from the audience. But Jess decides there wasn’t enough cum – so she carries on stroking and blowing him until he ejaculates a second time!

Can you imagine being undressed completely in front of seven females – and then made to jizz twice in the space of 10 minutes! I am not sure if this guy was lucky or unlucky – lol! It was certainly a sexy movie to watch though. Click here to watch more multi-lady Clothed Female Naked Male action at PureCFNM.

Girl Reveals Her Naked Special Arrangement With Hunky Neighbour

December 21st, 2012 No comments

Special Arrangement from PureCFNM

Alyssa is having coffee with her friend Stephanie when the next door neighbour comes downstairs and says he has finished her cleaning. Alyssa is confused but it soon becomes clear that they have a “special arrangement” – Justin does chores around the house and in return Stephanie allows him to walk around naked in front of her. Watch the trailer here to see what happens as Alyssa is shocked, especially when Stephanie starts undressing Justin to demonstrate what she means. As Justin’s toned body comes into view Alyssa becomes much more interested both ladies are groping and playing with his stiff cock. When Stephanie puts it in her mouth and sucks it he soon spunks all over her face and shirt!

I need to get an arrangement like this one! Having to do the chores would be a pain in the ass but if it meant getting naked in front of two women and then getting jerked and sucked off – I would do it! This is yet another sensational scenes from PureCFNM, the market leaders in the CFNM genre. Click here to see more from them now.

Lover Gets Trapped Naked In A Window And Milked By Three Females

December 14th, 2012 No comments

Stuck In The Window from PureCFNM

Sally is just about to have some fun with her lover when her husband comes home. The Casanova jumps out the window in the nude while she gets rid of him but as he tries to sneak back in to get his clothes he is stuck in the window! Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as Sally’s friends Katie and Lexi walk in and can’t believe their eyes when they see an exposed man hanging out the window. As Sally returns she attempts to explain who he is but they are more interested in why she is fucking someone with a small cock! Sally informs them it is quite big when erect so they insist on seeing it. The girls then want a feel themselves and with all three of them jerking his penis, it’s not long before the poor guy spunks all over the place!

Poor male was just about to screw sexy MILF Sally when he was interrupted. Although he ended up trapped in a window he did then get three women admiring his hard on and wanking him off so it wasn’t all bad! I wouldn’t mind being in an uncomfortable situation if I had those three ladies stroking my wood! I just love scenes like this where hot babes take advantage of defenceless naked males – there’s loads like this over at PureCFNM, click here to see them now.

Horny Wife Wants A CFNM Session With Two Guys Satisfying Her

December 7th, 2012 No comments

Controlling Two Men from PureCFNM

Adele has always desired to control two naked men at the same time so today she is going to introduce boyfriend Darryl to the idea – whether he likes it or not! She strips him naked and sucks his dick to get him sexy and then calls in Justin to join them. Darryl is shocked but gives in to her wishes and watches as Adele’s eyes light up as Justin takes his clothes off. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when she gives them both a blowjob and says the male who lasts the longest will get to fuck her. Her oral skills get Justin so aroused that he can’t hold on any longer and spunks all over her face so she throws him out and sits on Darryl’s face. After he licks her cunt, the dominant Adele then makes him have sex with her in several positions before he too cums into her beautiful face.

Wow this was one controlling woman! She knew what she desired and didn’t care if her husband agreed or not – she was getting her two cocks and that’s all there is to it! I love it when ladies take charge like this and strip helpless men naked so they can use their penises for their own pleasure. It’s what CFNM is all about – and there’s no site better at it in the world than PureCFNM. Click here to see more from them now.