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Young Girls Take Advantage Of Desperate Estate Agent And Strip Him And Suck His Cock

October 26th, 2012 No comments

Desperate Estate Agent from PureCFNM

Estate agent Michael is under pressure from his boss to meet his sales targets – if he doesn’t seal the deal on this latest viewing then he is out of work! When Hannah and Chantelle explain that the asking price is a bit out of their range he becomes desperate and says he will do anything to clinch the deal. An evil smile comes across their faces and they tell him they could speak to their rich daddies but only if he takes all his clothes off for them right there and then! Watch the trailer here to see what happens when he is reluctant but realizes he has no choice and is soon having the giggly young women staring at his old penis. He can’t believe his luck though when they pull him on the bed and take turns to suck his dick until he has a massive ejaculation all over himself!

It was definitely this guy’s lucky day. Not only will he get to sell the apartment to these young ladies but he also got a double blowjob off them before exploding everywhere! And to think he’s just a member of the site and not some adult industry stud! If you want to take part in a PureCFNM scene, click here to visit their website and find out more about how they feature their own members in the videos!

Exam Cheat Is Stripped, Jerked And Sucked Off By Three Schoolgirls

October 19th, 2012 No comments

Exam Cheat from PureCFNM

When the class gets the results of their test back, the girls can’t work out why they all failed miserably while Phil received an A+! As they are questioning him about it Felicity finds a mobile phone under his seat with all the answers on it! Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as they are furious and start ripping his clothes off to see if he has any other crib sheets hidden anywhere. The giggly college girls soon change their tune when they tear his underwear off and they dare each other to touch his cock. As the three ladies experiment with their first penis, Felicity wonders what it tastes like, putting it in her mouth and sucking it as the others look on in shock. The young boy can’t hold on long and catches Felicity by surprise as he explodes all over her face!

He thought he was being clever by cheating the system but these women got their own back on him, using him as their own personal male exploration project. The young girls loved feeling and blowing their first dick, tingling with excitement about what the cock might do next. They certainly weren’t ready for it to shoot in Felicity’s cheeks! If you get off on seeing realistic CFNM stories like this, click here to see more from PureCFNM now!

Nurse And Female Patient In A Straight Jacket Suck Naked Doctor’s Cock

October 12th, 2012 No comments

Spunk Magnet 2 from PureCFNM

After her previous problems with her saying that men everywhere were stripping naked and ejaculating over her, Jessica has been confined to a mental hospital. She is in a straight jacket and psychiatrist Tony has decided to treat her himself – so he can enjoy lots more of her amazing blowjobs! Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when he undresses and forces her to blow his penis in her very first session. She is powerless to resist but as hospital assistant Lucy walks in on them she is hoping to be saved. Instead, Lucy helps Tony to get his blowjob in order to secure a promotion for herself. Lucy even sucks his dick herself, the two of them working on his dick until he spunks across Jessica’s beautiful face. “Same time tomorrow Jessica” he tells her as she is led away.

Nurse Lucy wanted her pay rise more than to aid her fellow woman – plus it looked like she also wanted that cock in her mouth too so she joined in rather than assisting Jess. I knew I should have become a doctor! I can’t believe this lucky bastard received a blowjob [off these two gorgeous babes and then came on their faces – what a fantasy! There’s loads more films similar to this one at – click here to see more from them now.

Snubbed Girl Won’t Take No And Forces Guy To Service Her Sexually

October 5th, 2012 No comments

She Won't Take No from PureCFNM

Housemates Cleo and Danny have been out for dinner with some pals and when they get home she tries to seduce him. Danny says he has a long day tomorrow and shuns her advances and goes to bed but if Cleo wants something, she gets it! Watch the trailer here to see what happens as she storms upstairs, sneaks into his room and pulls her knickers down before sitting on his face to wake him up! She makes him eat her pussy or else she will punch him in the balls. She rides over his mouth and then moves into 69 position so she can suck his big cock at the same time. She then forces him to fuck her in several different stances, moaning loudly as she cums on the end of his penis. Finally she lies back and lets him spunk all over her face before walking out, satisfied she got what she wanted!

Wow, what a babe! She needs sex and if you won’t give it to her then she’s going to fuck you anyway – whether you like it or not! Can you imagine waking up like this boy with a stunning woman’s naked cunt hovering inches from your mouth – I would think I was dreaming! She screwed his brains out and then left him like a used toy. PureCFNM specializes in scenes like this one where the ladies are in charge – click here to see more of their stuff now.