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Guy Strips And Jerks Off In Front Of Blind Girl Before Getting Caught And Sucked Off!

May 25th, 2012 No comments

Blind Girl from PureCFNM

Crystal has asked Tony to look after her blind friend Mishka for the afternoon while she goes shopping. Realizing an opportunity for some Clothed Female Naked Male fun, Tony takes all his clothes off in front of the oblivious blind girl and starts wanking. Watch the trailer here to see what happens as Crystal and her friend Felicity walk back in! They are shocked at what is occuring but Mishka seems to find the idea that he is naked extremely exciting. She asks if she can have a feel as it’s been so long and the babes take pity on her and allow her to grope Tony’s cock. As it grows the other women have a fondle as well and it’s not long before all three of them are taking turns to suck on it! Tony is in heaven and as they keep working on his penis he soon spunks all over Mishka’s dark glasses!

He was a bit naughty taking advantage of this blind lady like that but he ended up getting a reward when all three girls sucked his cock until he lost control! He was fortunate not to get the police called but living on the edge rewarded him with an amazing experience. Click here to watch more from PureCFNM – the global leader in realistic CFNM entertainment.

Pervert Is Sucked Off By One Girl Then Slapped By Another!

May 18th, 2012 No comments

Punished Or Blown from PureCFNM

After showing the babes what CFNM is all about, our young stud is still horny and sneaks into where Fiona is changing and starts wanking in front of her. She isn’t pleased and runs out when he asks her to touch his cock. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when moments later Chloe walks in and she feels very differently. She loved stroking his penis earlier and now wants to suck it. She gets on her knees and is giving him a loving blowjob – just as Fiona returns with angry friend Shanti. They can’t believe that Chloe is sucking this pervert’s cock and each time she takes it out her mouth, Shanti gives his dick a hard smack! The poor guy alternates between the pleasure of Chloe’s mouth and the pain of Shanti’s hits but the heaven wins and he soon spunks all over Chloe’s pretty young face!

I think I would give anything to get a blowjob off Chloe Vegas – that stunning figure, that beautiful face and the long flowing hair . . . But I am sure I might have to draw the line at getting my cock slapped in order to receive the blowjob! Shanti told him to control his “nasty erection” but he actually lost control – all over her friend’s gorgeous face! If you really enjoy groups of pretty ladies fighting over defenceless naked men’s penises then click here now to see more from PureCFNM, the biggest Clothed Female Naked Male site in the world!

Landlady Gets Head Stuck So Guy Gropes And Fucks Her Before Cumming On Her Face

May 11th, 2012 No comments

Landlady Gets Stuck from PureCFNM

Landlady Corena has come round to see if Dave has the rent but as usual he doesn’t have it. As she is leaving, she trips and gets herself trapped in the metal bars at the end of his bed. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as Dave tries to help her but then notices what a short skirt she has on. The bitch has always been nasty to him and he spots a chance to get his own back. As she protests and calls him a moron, he gropes her gorgeous ass before taking all his clothes off in front of her. She suddenly becomes a lot nicer to him when she sets eyes on what a big cock he has and she happily sucks his cock! She then begs him to screw her and he pounds her from behind before pulling out and moving round so he can spunk all over her beautiful mouth. She’s glad she got pinned after all now!

She was rude to this loser until she saw him naked with his large penis bobbing around. She soon changed her tune and gave him a blowjob and then let him penetrate her tight cunt. He even got to jizz all over her face the lucky bastard! There’s loads more scenes like this one from PureCFNM – the worldwide leader in realistic CFNM entertainment.

Bartender Is Forced To Strip And Get Wanked By Four Hot Girls

May 4th, 2012 No comments

One More Shot from PureCFNM

The bar is struggling and owner Holly is desperate to bring in whatever money she can from the few customers they get. When three females walk in on a night out and offer to spend big cash if the fit barman removes an item of clothing for each shot they drink, Holly is over the moon! Watch the trailer here to see what happens when the bartender refuses. Holly steps in and makes him do as he is told and the women are soon cheering as his cock comes into view. They force the embarrassed barman to get onto the counter and they take turns to jerk his penis which is quickly standing to attention. As Megan bends forward and licks his balls while Valerie is milking him, it pushes him over the edge and he has a huge orgasm to the girls delight! He is then made to serve them in the nude for the rest of the evening.

These women wanted dick and they had the money and power to force a reluctant guy into showing them. They then helped themselves to it – against his wishes. Ladies run the world now and if they desire to grab your cock and suck and play with it then you just have to let them. Click here to see more gangs of sexy females taking advantage of defenceless naked boys at PureCFNM.