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Office Girls Strip And Milk The Boss’s Son To Get Revenge

April 27th, 2012 No comments

Son Of A Boss from PureCFNM

Company owner Red gives her secretaries a real dressing down just before introducing her son as the new work experience boy. She then runs off to a meeting, leaving the two women to show him the ropes. Unfortunately the girls hate Red and want to get their own back on her! Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as they pretend to be nice to the boy and tell him how sexy he is. They start undressing him, ignoring his protests and soon have his cock in their hands. The youngster lies back and enjoys the attention from these sexy ladies and as he explodes in a massive orgasm, he doesn’t notice that Rio has been taking pictures of him naked. The secretaries then blackmail him into being their office bitch from now on and tell him he will be servicing their pussies with his mouth whenever they want!

This young boy didn’t know what was going on when these two confident, gorgeous women took advantage of him to get back at his mother. He enjoyed getting wanked off certainly, but now they are going to force him eat their cunts any time they order it. Poor lad is destined to be the company bitch from now on. There are loads more films like this one at PureCFNM – click here to go there now.

Broke Guy Is Forced To Pawn His Clothes By Three Bitchy Women

April 20th, 2012 No comments

The Pawnbrokers from PureCFNM

Jamie is visiting the pawnbrokers as he needs cash urgently. He plans to sell them his watch but when the females behind the counter see his cheap, crappy watch they aren’t interested. They perk up though as they spot the designer clothes he is wearing. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when they offer him money for his shirt and then his trousers and the penniless man agrees. The excited girls quickly strip him off and even propose cash for his boxer shorts so they can see him naked! The sight of this sexy stud’s cock soon becomes too much for them and they start groping it and wanking it. Eva thinks it looks delicious and lowers her mouth over it, sucking his penis until he spunks all over her face. The ladies then kick the unlucky male out into the street naked – at least he got his cash!

His plan was to flog his watch but the babes had other ideas and they took all his clothes off, milked his balls dry and then threw him out of the shop humiliated. You see, it doesn’t matter what the guys think any more – the women are in control and if they want to help themselves to your dick, you have no choice in the matter. Click here to see more scenes where groups of gorgeous females gang up and strip defenseless men.

Girl Secretly Films A Naked Guy Getting A Blowjob Before Joining In!

April 13th, 2012 No comments

She's Behind You from PureCFNM

Lucy thinks her boyfriend deserves a treat so she takes all his clothes off, handcuffs him to the bed posts and shoves her panties in his mouth before giving him a loving blowjob. Unknown to her, Jess walks in and sees what is going on and sneaks out to get a video camera! Justin tries to tell Lucy they are being videod but with her knickers in his mouth he can’t make himself understood. Watch the trailer here to see what happens as eventually Jess stops recording and pretends to come in again, asking if she can join in. As the two babes start sharing his dick with their mouths Justin is in heaven and soon has a huge orgasm! When the thong are removed from his mouth he tells Lucy about the filming but she doesn’t believe him and walks out annoyed with him. Jess has got her blackmail material now though!

Poor guy was just doing what his girlfriend requested – then when he told her the truth about them being videod she didn’t accept his version. Worse is that now Jess has footage of him in the nude that she is going to use to blackmail him. Who knows how many female friends of hers she will send them to? Can you imagine a load of women you don’t know staring at pictures of your cock? If that idea turns you on, click here to see more from PureCFNM now.

Naked Guy Is Wanked Off In Front Of Female Audience At Magic Show

April 6th, 2012 No comments

Magic Show from PureCFNM

The Great Gilly’s latest magic trick is to saw a man in half. She picks Kai out of the audience and tells him to strip off. He is very reluctant but she says the magic doesn’t work through clothing. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when he takes his clothes off and the girls in the audience giggle, especially as they see his big penis. Gilly chops him in two pieces and they are all impressed – other than Karina who doesn’t think the bottom half is real. Gilly invites her on stage to grope the nude lower half’s cock and Karina soon forgets why she is there as she strokes the dick to an erection. However the only way to really prove the two sections are the same person are to make the penis explode and as she wanks it Kai’s face contorts in pleasure as he cums on the floor to the shock of the watching female audience!

Can you imagine being dragged on stage in front of a dozen women and forced to undress and let them see your most private parts? It might be humiliating for a bit, but what a turn on! All those girls’ eyes glued to your dick, watching its every movement until you lose control and erupt before a load of ladies you don’t even know! Click here to watch more scenes like this from PureCFNM now!