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Office Pervert Is Caught And Milked By Three Stockinged Babes Until He Spunks On Girl’s Ass!

December 30th, 2011 No comments

Office Stroker from PureCFNM

Kit is telling Chloe about all the strange personalities they have in their office. She moves onto the “office stroker” – so called because he is always jerking off in his office when he thinks no-one is looking. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as the women decide to take a look and sure enough, the dirty pervert has his trousers round his ankles and is watching porn! When manager Mia walks past she decides to tackle this once and for all and the ladies barge in and catch him red-handed. They notice he is interested in stockings porn and they start teasing him their own nylons. They grab hold of his cock and ask if that’s what he’s been dreaming of. They take turns to wank his penis and when Kit bends over in front of him and lifts her skirt, he instantly shoots all over her thong and ass!

I think if I was staring at that gorgeous chocolate ass with two stockinged girls playing with my cock I would have jizzed all over her as well. That’s one lucky guy – and to think he is just an ordinary member of the PureCFNM website, not a porn stud or anything. PureCFNM, the worldwide leader in CFNM entertainment uses its own members in the scenes to keep the realism – incredible! Click here to see more from them now.

Policewomen Strip And Suck A Guy To Re-Enact A Crime

December 23rd, 2011 No comments

Victim Of Crime from PureCFNM

Christian is at the police station after being robbed. However, the female officers can’t work out how a woman could steal from such a big man. As they press him further it comes out that the robber was in fact a “working girl” and she had got the better of him while he was in a compromising situation. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when the policewomen decide to recreate the scene with WPC Scarlett as the escort. She strips Christian naked and then starts stroking his cock, just like the thief did. He explains that the perpetrator then gave him a blowjob – so WPC Scarlett does the same, while lifting the cash from his trousers! After working out how the crime was committed, the officers now need a DNA sample to match against the local escort girls so they all wank and blow his penis until he explodes all over Scarlett’s face!

These women were only trying to help right? The victim certainly felt better after they had finished sucking and wanking his cock dry. PureCFNM is the global front-runner in the Clothed Female Naked Male niche. There are hundreds of exclusive videos like this one on their website – click here to see more now.

Young Girl Is Taught How To Make A Guy Cum By Her Aunt!

December 16th, 2011 No comments

Practise Makes Perfect from PureCFNM

Youngster Jess has been given a handjob and blowjob lesson but now needs to practice her skills. Her eccentric mum has kidnapped a poor boy and chained him up in Jess’s room so she can practice any time she likes. Jess pulls him out the cupboard and yanks his towel off and starts gently carressing his naked body and stroking his penis. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as he is rock hard and mother Gilly walks in. She is very impressed with Jess’s progress and when she leaves, Aunt Holly also comes in for a look and shows Jess a clever technique to speed up the male ejaculation – she puts rubber gloves on and sticks her finger up his bum! Jess is amazed when the man has a huge orgasm shortly afterwards and pushes him back into the wardrobe so she can practice this new technique again later!

Should we be sorry for this guy? Shackled up and used as a sex toy of gorgeous teen babe Jess West? Fuck No! We would change places with him in a heartbeat – especially with sexy aunt Holly and MILF Gilly Sampson coming in to give his cock a stroke every now and then – lucky bastard! And to think this boy is just an ordinary member of the PureCFNM site, not a porn stud. Click here to see how PureCFNM allow their own members to take part in their scenes!

Lost Bet Leads To A Naked Handjob And Snogging Session

December 9th, 2011 No comments

Lost Bet from PureCFNM

Pete has lost a wager with Chloe and reluctantly turns up at her bedroom to pay up. His penalty is that he has to take off all his clothes and wank while she watches. Unknown to him, Chloe really fancies him and has been waiting for this moment for ages. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when as he undresses and she caresses his chest and pats the bulge in his underwear. She looks over the moon as his cock springs into view and she gets him onto the bed next to her and makes him jerk off. He is extremely embarrassed but soon gets hard and Chloe is so excited that she asks if she can take over. As she wraps her hand round his big penis the two both become really horny and are soon snogging passionately. The kiss sends Pete over the edge and he erupts in a large cumshot which makes Chloe desperate to fuck him next time!

This devious girl hatched a plan to get the guy she fancied into a compromising position and he fell for it. When she began tonguing him he couldn’t control himself – even though he was nude and she was fully clothed! PureCFNM really is the master of creating these sort of real life CFNM scenes where the ladies get what they want – a naked man and a lot of cum! Click here to see more of their videos now.

Cheating Husband Is Sucked And Milked To Show Him What He Is Missing

December 2nd, 2011 No comments

Cheating Husband from PureCFNM

Evey’s boyfriend is on the phone to his mistress telling her how much he wants to fuck her brains out. Unfortunately, Evey walks in and overhears and then creeps out to tell her friends about it. They hatch a plan to confront him and when he walks in she grabs him by the balls and accuses him of cheating. Watch the trailer here to see what happens as Evey is desperate to teach him what he would be missing out on and strips him naked so she can suck his cock. The poor guy is embarrassed in front of her mates but as they like the look of his penis and enjoy a good feel as well, he starts enjoying it. As all three of them wank his dick and Evey deep throats him, Sarah Jane flashes her tits to him and he loses control, spunking all over Evey’s pretty face. The girls walk out, spanking his ass and telling him not to be naughty again!

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