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Glamour Models Look On In Shock As Guy Strips And Is Wanked In Front Of Them!

November 25th, 2011 No comments

New Girl Gets Carried Away from PureCFNM

Three good girls have arrived at PureCFNM completely unaware of what CFNM is. One of our studs decides to talk them through it and the babes become more and more surprised as he starts undressing. The ladies don’t work with boys normally and aren’t sure where to look as his cock springs free and can only laugh their heads off nervously. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when the guy then begins jerking himself while they watch in disbelief at the growing erection before them. Chloe decides it looks too good to pass up and takes over, milking his penis to a large hard on. The other women agree to show him their tits and panties to see if it gets him even stiffer and it’s not long before Chloe makes him spunk all over the place – to surprised looks from the innocent female onlookers.

These girls weren’t expecting to see a naked man today but their shocked and nervous expressions were priceless – especially when one of them got carried away and ended up wanking him to a massive orgasm! If you love seeing ordinary every day hotties becoming aroused at the sight of a nude guy then click here to see more from PureCFNM – the worldwide leader in realistic Clothed Female Naked Male entertainment.

Love-Struck Guy Is Stripped And Milked In Front Of Female Audience

November 18th, 2011 No comments

Who's Watching? from PureCFNM

Kai has fallen for Karina and after a drunken night where she sleeps with him, he can’t wait to have her again. Karina isn’t interested though and wants to play a trick on him instead. She tells him she will have sex with him again but only if he agrees to a strange request – he has to strip naked and let her wank and suck him in front of a group of girls. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as he is blindfolded and assured that he doesn’t know any of the ladies. He is still very embarrassed as he is led in naked to whistles and cheers from the women. He sits there and lets Karina to jerk and blow his cock as the females laugh away. It’s not long before she has him ready to explode – hitting some of the girls legs as he erupts everywhere. But when the blindfold is yanked off he sees some ladies he knows, all with their camera phones out!

Poor guy got himself into a compromising situation because he fancied a girl, but she just used him for entertainment and to get some blackmail material on him. Imagine a load of babes you know, secretly watching you naked and being wanked off – and taking pictures of it all to blackmail you with! How embarrassing – and how horny! Click here to see more scenes like this from PureCFNM now.

School Nerd Is Stripped And Wanked Off By A Group Of Girls

November 11th, 2011 No comments

Geeks In Love from PureCFNM

College geek James is working on a project in the computer room when Cherry walks in. She has a big crush on him and wants to kiss him but when the bitchy popular hotties burst in they are just out to bully James. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when they torment him about his tie and as Cherry defends him the pretty babes joke about them being in love. They gang up together and start ripping James’s clothes off to really embarrass him and, despite his protests, he is soon naked! Cherry isn’t sure whether to be annoyed or pleased as she finally gets to see her crush’s penis but the other girls quickly grab hold of it and begin playing with it. They take turns to stroke it and comment on what a nice size it has grown to. Finally Cherry grabs it off them so she can have a play herself and James soon explodes all over her huge cleavage!

At first James wasn’t enjoying himself as the gang of hotties undressed and embarrassed him. But as they took turns to jerk his cock he got more and more excited until he erupted over Cherry’s tits, the fortunate sod! He didn’t have a choice about being stripped and milked as there were too many ladies to stop them. If you get off on watching guys pantsed and wanked by packs of horny women, click here to view more from PureCFNM now.

Lingerie Store Pervert Is Stripped, Facesat and Wanked By Three Women

November 4th, 2011 No comments

Lingerie Shop from PureCFNM

Rodney has gone to the underwear shop to buy his girlfriend a present. He isn’t sure what size she is and when sexy store assistant Cleo offers to model some of the items for him he jumps at the chance. As she puts on the first bra and panty set he spies on her in the changing room and starts rubbing the front of his trousers. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as shop manager Wendy and another female customer catch him in the act. Cleo is very annoyed and decides they should discover how he likes being stared at while he’s naked. The three females force him to the ground and take his clothes off before Cleo sits on his face and they begin taking it in turns to jerk his cock. The scent of her young pussy soon sends him over the edge and he ejaculates everywhere before they throw him out the store!

Although he got to see a perfect nude girl’s body, this guy got the tables turned and was undressed and milked by the very ladies he was spying on! He didn’t seem to mind having a cunt shoved in his mouth while his penis was being stroked though as his big cumshot shows! And to think this man is just an ordinary member of PureCFNM and not a porn stud – what a lucky bastard!