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Women Hunt Sole Male Survivor So They Can Fuck And Suck His Cock

October 28th, 2011 No comments

Last Man On Earth from PureCFNM

It’s 2021 and a deadly virus has wiped out the entire male population – except one. Girls across the globe track this only male survivor in the hope of getting him to impregnate them. Caprice and Syren manage to find him and capture him in a net while he sleeps. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when he struggles, they rip his clothes off, desperate to get to his penis. The ladies start wanking and sucking his dick before Syren impales her tight young cunt on his cock. She rides him hard, begging him to spunk inside her. As Tony says he only cums from doggie style she quickly bends over and sticks her ass in the air. He screws her deep but then pulls out and jizzes over her bum, causing the women to go mad at the waste of semen. As they try to save the spunk, he sneaks away. Will they trap him again?

Imagine every woman on the planet wanting to have sex with you! That’s what this lucky guy had to face up to but when they hunted him down and almost raped him, he just wanted to ejaculate and get the hell out of there. Females can be just as lustful as men when they want some penis and all the girls on PureCFNM are hungry for hard-ons. Click here to see more amazing CFNM videos like this one.

Hunky Boy Is Tricked Into Being A Naked Wank Toy By Three Girls

October 21st, 2011 No comments

Charity Wank from PureCFNM

Ellena, Suzie and Emma have convinced fit French student Julien to be the target for their college charity sponge toss. They strap him to two wooden posts but then spring a surprise on the poor guy as they remove the sponge throw sign and underneath is a Charity Wank banner! As he protests they start undressing him so that ladies at the university can queue up and have a play with his cock – all for charity of course! Watch the trailer here to see what happens as they get his trousers off and think his penis looks so gorgeous they decide to have a feel themselves. They take turns to stroke his dick and talk dirty to him and he is soon rock solid – getting the girls even more excited. As they carry on wanking him and carressing his body he explodes all over the floor in front of them!

This is typical of the videos you will see at PureCFNM – groups of beautiful women conning innocent guys out of their clothes and then helping themselves to their cocks! If you get off on watching realistic CFNM action then PureCFNM has been the market leader for more than five years. Click here to see more from them now.

Secretaries Blindfold, Wank And Suck The New Office Boy

October 14th, 2011 No comments

Office Blindfold Trick from PureCFNM

The new guy in the office is causing quite a stir amongst the females in the office and they send in stunning blond Valerie to seduce him. She works her feminine charms and tells him that she likes to have sex in the office. This gets him so aroused he strips off and lets her blindfold him, thinking he is about to fuck her. She starts jerking and blowing his cock but, unknown to him, also beckons in her colleagues who stare at his naked body in silence. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when they take pictures of him exposed on their phones and then take over the stroking so they can all have a go without him knowing. After a while one of them giggles and he finds out he isn’t alone. He pulls off the blindfold but Valerie quickly shoves his penis between her lips and sucks him until he explodes in front of all the girls and their cameras!

This man believed he was going to get fucked but instead he was undressed, milked and blown in front of a female audience – without even knowing it. They took some embarrassing pictures of him on their mobiles though . . who knows how many other women they will be sending the photos to! Click here to see more from PureCFNM – the global leader in CFNM entertainment.

Jessica Is Spunked On Everywhere She Goes – An Amazing NINE Cumshots!

October 7th, 2011 No comments

Spunk Magnet from PureCFNM

Jessica is at the psychiatrist’s office to discuss her problem – she is a jizz magnet. She tells the therapist that everywhere she goes, everything she does ends up in a guy appearing, dropping his trousers and cumming on her. We see flashbacks of the occasions this has happened including a vivid dream she has where she is in bed and naked men appear out of the shadows one after the other. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as the males wank until they spunk on her and she doesn’t move, getting covered in blast after blast. As she ends this story she looks over and the doctor himself is nude! He walks over and puts his cock in her mouth and Jess sucks it until he jizzes on her face. When she comes to from this daydream he is fully clothed and it’s the end of the session – was it a dream or not?

WOW! An astonishing NINE facials in one Clothed Female Naked Male scene – that’s got to be a record hasn’t it? And can you believe that most of the lucky boys ejaculating on the beautiful Jessica were members of the site who just wrote in! Yes, PureCFNM allows their members to actually take part in movies and make their fantasies come true. Click here to find out more about how you can get involved in future videos.