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Girls Catch Pervert In Their Bedroom And Force Him To Perform For Them Before Milking Him

September 30th, 2011 No comments

Room-mate's Laptop from PureCFNM

When Elle goes out to the shops, her room-mate Phil takes the opportunity to sneak into her room for some sexy fun. He plays with a pair of her panties and even finds pictures of her in her lingerie on her laptop. Unfortunately, Elle comes home early with friend Pascha and catch him in the act. Elle is furious but Pascha calms her down and tells her they can take advantage of the situation. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when they get on the bed next to him and tell him to carry on. He is embarrassed but the babes are in no mood for resistance. He strokes while they watch and then the ladies start to touch for themselves, commenting on how big and hard he is. They each have a go to wank his large dick before informing him that they want to see him cum. They then double team his cock until he ejaculates all over himself!

These days if you get caught in a compromising position with some women, they are going to make you pay for it! These two made the humiliated man wank for them before they decided it looked so amazing they had to take over. He ended up one lucky bastard! If you like seeing girls take advantage of helpless naked boys, click here to watch more from PureCFNM – the worldwide leader in CFNM entertainment.

Schoolgirls Strip And Suck Their Teacher’s Cock Against His Will

September 23rd, 2011 No comments

Naughty Professor from PureCFNM

Professor Francois is tutoring an unruly class of girls. When he grabs one of them by the arm to make her sit down and pay attention, the young ladies go crazy and accuse him with sexual harassment! Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as they threaten to go to the principal’s office unless he does what they say. To get back at him and humiliate him they force him to take all his clothes off in front of the whole class. He is reluctant but doesn’t want to lose his job. Once they have him nude the women gather round and take turns to play with his penis. Shy girl Lola has never given a blowjob before and the others show her how to do it, each having a go to blow the lucky man’s dick. When Lola kneels in front of him and takes him in her mouth, Francois soon loses control and ejaculates all over her huge tits to cheers from the other girls!

These streetwise women ganged up on the unfortunate guy and stripped him naked but when they all started swallowing his cock, he quickly began to enjoy himself. Cumming on the young women’s boobs was the highlight of his day. And to think that the male in this video is a member of PureCFNM who wrote in asking to be in a film – wow! This site actually lets its members to take part in their own scenes. Click here to see more from PureCFNM now!

Cheer Squad Strip And Wank Team Mascot To Cheer Him Up

September 16th, 2011 No comments

Cheering Up The Mascot from PureCFNM

It’s been another losing afternoon for the Red Dragons and as the cheerleaders and team mascot trudge off the field they are very depressed. The mascot is particularly devastated and the girls feel sorry for him. It’s been a hot day and they decide to help him out of his furry outfit but as they undress him they get a glimpse of his bulge and are quite impressed. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when they realize they could improve his mood by having a bit of fun with him and yank down his underwear so they can get a look at his cock. The embarrassed mascot tries to cover up but the ladies pull his arms away and start jerking his beautiful penis. As the four of them take turns to stroke his dick, the dragon seems much happier. He soon spunks all over the place, hitting the womens’ bare legs before he charges off all revitalised!

If I had four hot babes playing with my dick I think I would go from unhappy to happy pretty quickly as well! What a lucky bastard! He may have been horrified to begin with but it looks like he certainly enjoyed himself by the end! If you get off on scenes where groups of gorgeous fully clothed hotties strip and milk, suck and fuck helpless naked guys then click here to see more videos like this from PureCFNM.

Two Nurses Suck Off Old Guy’s Cock To Get In His Will

September 9th, 2011 No comments

Nursing Home from PureCFNM

Ex bank manager Robert Smythe has ended up in a nursing home. With no family, the nurses are circling him like vultures trying to weasle their way into a share of his estate. As he lays in bed, care assistants Emma and Paige come in to work their way into his affections. Watch the trailer here to see what happens as they bend over and accidentally let him see up their skirts and down their blouses. They then pull back the covers to give him a bed bath and find a massive erection! As Smythe apologizes, the babes say how impressive it is for an old man to have such a solid hard on. They start stroking it and he is in heaven – especially when both hotties begin to give him a blowjob as well. Having two tongues pleasuring his penis gets him very turned on and he soon spunks everywhere making the girls think they have finally got their hands on his money!

This lucky old twat had his dick blown by two sexy women. He didn’t realise they were just doing it to get his wealth but he didn’t care as he had two young ladies sucking him! Or did the nurses only take advantage of this unfortunate old git in his hour of need? They certainly seemed impressed with his cock and couldn’t wait to shove it in their mouths! If you like seeing scenes where gorgeous babes take advantage of naked guys then head over to PureCFNM now!

Mother, Aunt And Daughter All Suck Lucky Naked Guy’s Cock!

September 2nd, 2011 No comments

Don't Hog Him from PureCFNM

Jess has lured Peter into her room again and has started stripping him off. As soon as she sees his beautiful penis again she stuffs it in her mouth and begins sucking it. Unfortunately for Jess, her aunt Holly walks in at just that moment and catches her at it. She is initially furious but then spots Peter’s dick and sinks to her knees so she can give him a blowjob herself! Watch the trailer here to see what happens as Jess’s shock turns to horror when moments later her mum Gilly enters and sees them both red-handed! Gilly is also very angry, especially when she finds out her daughter has been sucking it! However, when she notices the huge cock she decides to discover what all the fuss is about and starts giving him a blowjob herself. Peter becomes so turned on by the three of them sucking him that he spunks all over Gilly’s enormous tits.

This man was embarrassed every time another woman walked in the room, but when he ended up getting a three way blowjob he didn’t seem to mind! This all female family certainly appeared to enjoy having nude boys around at their disposal – I need to befriend a family like that one! Click here to see more from PureCFNM – the global leader in the CFNM niche.