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Office Girls Strip And Wank A Male Executive For Being A Sleaze

August 26th, 2011 No comments

Office Sleaze from PureCFNM

Chloe is on her first day at her new job. Kit warns her about the office pervert George but as he calls her into his office and starts offering her promotions and company cars she falls for it. As she looks on in shock, he strips naked in front of her and convinces her to begin jerking his cock. The innocent girl isn’t sure what to do but her lovely young hands have got George very hard. Suddenly company manager Mia and Kit burst in and are furious until they see what a nice penis George has. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when they decide to join in and the lucky executive soon has all three ladies stroking his dick. As George gets more and more excited he shoots a big load of cum all over Kit’s leg and the floor as the women laugh and cheer! Mia then advizes him that from now on he mustn’t chat up the new secretaries – because she wants to fuck him!

This dirty old pervert fancied getting naked in front of the new young secretary but the ladies ganged together and decided on a joint milking. Judging by how he exploded everywhere, he didn’t mind though! Visit PureCFNM today – the worldwide leader in realistic CFNM entertainment for more scenes where groups of women team up and strip and then milk, suck and screw unsuspecting guys!

Girl Sucks Guy’s Cock On A Balcony As Ladies Walk Past

August 19th, 2011 No comments

Balcony Blowjob from PureCFNM

Scarlett is bored so she dares flatmate Phil to go onto their balcony and smoke a cigarette with no trousers on. He says no way but she talks him into it by offering to give him a blowjob if he does it. The young boy is soon standing on the terrace naked from the waist down with Scarlett laughing at him as she points out all the women walking past! As if he wasn’t nervous enough, Scarlett then kneels down and takes his penis into her mouth and starts blowing him, breaking off every now and again to ask if anyone is watching! Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as Phil’s anxiety is quickly overtaken by arousal as the sexy Scarlett works his cock with her mouth and he soon spunks everywhere, covering her shirt with spurt after spurt. Scarlett then stands up and shouts at a girl in the street who is staring at the cum on her chest!

Sometimes when a lady goads you to do something, it is worth doing! This man certainly thinks so – he may have felt like an idiot parading on the balcony with no trousers but his dick didn’t mind when Scarlett sucked him off. The thought of people watching him from the road below while he was getting blown made him cum all over her clothes. This could have been you – PureCFNM are the only CFNM site who update every week AND let their members to take part in the videos themselves. Click here to find out more.

Public Information Film Goes Wrong When Girls Suck And Fuck Naked Guy

August 12th, 2011 No comments

Population control from PureCFNM

The all female team at the TV studio are making a public service broadcast about Population Control. Too many women are getting pregnant and the population is rising too fast. However, when Paige brings in Danny and gets him to strip off so she can teach ladies that boys are easy to resist, her colleague Lexi can’t believe how big his cock is and starts sucking it! Watch the trailer here to see what happens when Paige halts filming and stage managers Mia and Elle come on to see what the problem is. When they set eyes on the huge penis they all become obsessed and are soon fighting to get their hands on Danny’s massive dick! Lexi lifts up her skirt and Danny fucks her over the chair in several positions before pulling out so the other girls can all take turns to wank his cock until he spunks over Lexi’s pussy. Looks like these women found men were irresistable!

These ladies were trying to demonstrate they can resist a penis but it quickly backfired and they ended up stroking, blowing and screwing the lucky stud until he jizzed everywhere for them. The poor guy wasn’t expecting it but he didn’t have a choice when the four girls decided they wanted to have him. Click here to see more scenes like this one from PureCFNM where clothed women take advantage of nude men.

Naked Chef Is Groped And Milked By Female Production Crew

August 5th, 2011 No comments

Naked Chef from PureCFNM

Sam is doing his first show as the “Naked Chef” and the girls from the TV studio are excited to see him stripped off. He asks for privacy but they creep back in while he is on air and enjoy inspecting his exposed body. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when the transmission is over – they crowd round him and pull him onto the worktop for the new presenter’s “initiation”! The women all start jerking his cock and running their hands all over his torso. Busty Lola gets so excited that she jumps onto the counter as well and shoves her tits in his face. Having this gorgeous lady pushing her boobs into his mouth while three other babes stroke his penis soon makes Sam explode everywhere, much to the excitement of the females! They then take the tape out of the camera for “safekeeping” – ready to use to blackmail him to strip for them in the future!

He started off shy about having these four girls seeing him naked, but as they wanked his dick and pushed their breasts in his face, he quickly warmed to the idea! I don’t think I would have lasted two minutes with these four women taking turns on my cock! Get yourself over to PureCFNM now – there’s loads of scenes like this one where groups of ladies just help themselves to defenceless naked boys penises.