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Pinned Guy Is Undressed And Milked By Four Babes, But Whose Hand Made Him Explode?

May 27th, 2011 No comments

Who Milked Me? from PureCFNM

When Daniel clumsily drops some coins beneath the sofa bed he climbs under the narrow space to retrieve them. Syren walks in and jumps on top of the bed so he can’t get up. Scarlet, Sophie and Cherry join her and decide to have some fun at his expense. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when they realize he is trapped and is totally at their mercy. As Daniel protests the girls yank his trousers and pants down and giggle at his exposed cock. As they start stroking it Daniel gets very hard and the babes tease him that they are stripping off so they can all fuck his beautiful penis. Daniel can’t see that they are lying and becomes more and more aroused. The ladies tell him that they are going to take turns to ride his brains out and it turns him on so much that he ejaculates all over himself. As they walk off telling him he blew his chance, he pleads them to tell him who made him spunk as he has no idea whose hand it was!

Poor boy was pantsed by these four women and he now has to go through life not knowing which one of them he came all over. Girls like playing evil games like this at the expense of men. They also enjoy watching guys strip off for their visual pleasure and then helping themselves to the rock hard dicks. If you dream of being one of these lucky boys, head over to PureCFNM now – they use their own members as the men in each video so this could be you!

Guy Caught Fucking A Pie Gets His Cock Licked And Sucked By Three Girls

May 20th, 2011 No comments

Apple Pie from PureCFNM

Kai is on the phone to a friend who tells him that having sex with an apple pie feels just like a pussy. By coincidence there is a fresh pie cooling in the kitchen and Kai decides to find out if it is true. Unfortunately he is stripped off and halfway through screwing the fruit pie when Shay, Daniella and Anna walk in. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as they are stunned at what he is doing and Shay can’t believe he has ruined the pie she baked. But when the babes taste the pie they can’t get enough of it and sink to their knees so they can lick it off Kai’s legs. When that is all gone they move to his penis and take turns to lick and suck the fruit pastry off his dick! Kai gets more and more excited as the three of them give him a blowjob and he loses control and jizzes all over their pretty faces. The hotties leave happy that they got some cream to go with their apple pie!

This naughty boy should have been punished for demolishing Shay’s dessert but the ladies didn’t want to waste the pie and ended up giving him a threeway blowjob until he covered their gorgeous faces with spunk. See, the women do what they want at PureCFNM so if they desire to suck your dick then they will – it’s not your choice and you don’t have any say in the matter. If you enjoy seeing groups of beautiful girls doing whatever they wish with helpless naked males then click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Bigshot Executive Is Stripped, Wanked And Blackmailed By His Secretaries

May 13th, 2011 No comments

American Executive from PureCFNM

High-powered US businessman Ron is in town to check up on why the London sales figures are down. But as he walks into the office he is horrified to see the three female employees messing around and checking Facebook! Watch the trailer here to see what happens when he decides to sack them all and close the office – but he wasn’t banking on how angry the girls would get. They gang up on him and decide he must have a tiny cock to throw his weight around like that – so they decide to find out! They push him onto the desk and start pulling at his clothes. Paige wraps his belt round his neck like a dog collar and holds him down as they strip him naked and laugh at his exposed penis. They take turns to milk it to find out if it will grow and, despite his protests, Ron gets rock solid and soon spunks all over himself. The women then take photos of him naked on their phones to blackmail him into keeping their branch open!

This guy thought that he was in control but he soon discovered he shouldn’t have messed with four beautiful women. They knew you can control a man by his penis and he will have to do whatever they say now they have nude pictures of him in the office. If you enjoy seeing groups of gorgeous ladies joining forces and using boys as their personal sex toys then click here to head over to PureCFNM, the global leader in Clothed Female Naked Male entertainment.

Stunning Student Sucks And Fucks Guy When He Strips Naked For Her

May 6th, 2011 No comments

Welcome To England from PureCFNM

Beautiful Italian student Lauren has arrived at the house she is going to be staying in while she is in London. However, the man who lives there tricks her into thinking that there is an English tradition for the male to take his clothes off to show her that he has nothing to hide. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when she is shocked to be staring at this stranger’s penis but as it starts to grow under her gaze she gets excited and reaches out to have a feel. As it becomes even harder she gets on her knees and begins sucking it until it is rock solid. She gets onto the sofa on all fours and the man rubs her pussy and fingers her until she is dripping wet. He then fucks her from behind, in missionary position and finally she straddles him and rides him before pulling his cock out so she can watch him spunk all over the place. It seems she likes this fake custom!

This guy may have conned her into letting him to get naked but she certainly took advantage of him and fucked his brains out! He was so horny that he couldn’t help jizzing everywhere as she studied his ejaculation. Click here to see more great scenes from PureCFNM – the worldwide leader in realistic CFNM entertainment.