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Nip Slip Leads To Unwanted Erection And A Milking From Four Girls

March 25th, 2011 No comments

Steam Room Flash from PureCFNM

Four ladies are relaxing in the steam room when the door opens and a man walks in. It’s normally only women in the sauna and they are a bit annoyed at his arrival, wearing only a towel. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as they carry on chatting to each other and Yazmin’s towel accidentally falls down and reveals her huge tits. The poor guy can’t help but see them and as he stares he begins to get a hardon. Yasmin covers up but the females are now disgusted that he looked at her and got stiff by it. They start calling him a pervert and yank his towel away so he can see how he likes it. They are all shocked when they set eyes on his beautiful erect cock but it looks really impressive and soon they can’t help but have a feel themselves. This only makes him harder and as the girls gather round and take turns to wank his penis, he soon has a massive orgasm that nearly hits the ceiling!

These ladies sure know how to punish a man! Accidentally show him your breasts and then get your friends to help you strip and jerk him until he spunks all over you. I think I am going to be bad from now on all the time in the hope this happens to me! If you love videos like this in which gangs of gorgeous women team up to strip and wank a helpless naked guy then click here to head over to PureCFNM now.

Four Young Girls Strip And Suck A Gardener Until He Spunks On Them!

March 18th, 2011 No comments

Sowing The Seed from PureCFNM

Gardener Tony is showing four babes round the nursery this morning. As he goes into detailed explanations on the life cycle of plants, the ladies are more interested in his cute ass and tight shorts. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when he talks about how the stalks can shoot up and have nice big red ends – the women decide to find out about HIS big red end and start groping the front of his shorts. The shy horticulturalist asks them not to but the girls are soon pulling at his clothes and are very impressed when they see how much his own stem has grown. They take turns to play with it as they giggle at his nude body and then push him onto the ground so they can gather round him. Lola decides his penis looks good enough to eat and shoves it in her mouth – giving him a sloppy blowjob until he cums all over her young face!

Getting stripped, wanked and sucked by four gorgeous babes – does it get any better than that? This guy obviously didn’t think so as he blew his load all over Lola’s beautiful young face. If you get off on movies like this where groups of stunning ladies gang up and treat a man like their own personal wank objects then click here now to see more from PureCFNM – the market leader in realistic Clothed Female Naked Male action.

Hunky Bartender Is Tricked Out Of His Clothes And Milked By Three Babes

March 11th, 2011 No comments

Hunky Bartender from PureCFNM

Three hotties arrive at the local bar for a drink when they notice a fit new bartender. They discover he is from Hungary and decide to take advantage by telling him that there is a ladies night on tonight and as a result he has to work naked. He refuses but Hannah isn’t taking no for an answer and comes round to his side of the bar and starts undressing him. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as the girls are very impressed by his toned body and young, virile cock. They make him jerk off for them while they watch but then realise the other customers will arrive soon and tell him to make his erection go limp. He explains once his penis is hard it stays stiff and the ladies decide the only way to make it go down is to relieve him. They get him on the bar and take turns wanking his rock hard dick until he suddenly spunks all over Hannah’s arm!

This young boy wasn’t used to girls treating him like a sex object and his cock was rigid from the moment his pants came off! It’s no wonder he jizzed all over their arms and couldn’t control himself! If you would love to be in this position – stripped and wanked by a group of beautiful ladies – then head over to PureCFNM to find out how you could take part in one of their scenes. They are the only CFNM site that actually lets members take part!

Father Is Stripped And Milked By Headmistress And Teacher For His Son’s Sins

March 4th, 2011 No comments

Parents Evening from PureCFNM

Little Tommy has been misbehaving in class and teacher Paige has invited his parents in to discuss punishment. As she explains that the young boy has been looking up girls skirts, she suggests she should be allowed to pull his pants down in front of the class to see how he likes it. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as the dad disagrees but as he protests, headmistress Mia comes in and takes him in hand. “Like father like son!” she says and decides to try the punishment out on the father first. Before he knows what’s happening the dad is stripped naked, spanked on the ass by the headteacher and then the girls take turns to play with his cock. When Paige shows him her stockings he loses control and spunks all over her desk!

His son had been naughty but these ladies took it out on the poor parent. Mind you, he seemed to enjoy a threeway jerking in the end – even if he did have to endure a spanked bottom first! Realistic situations in which guys end up naked and embarrassed in front of fully clothed, strict females – that’s what PureCFNM is all about. Click here to see more from the global leader in CFNM entertainment!