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Old Guy Flashes Cock To Young Girls So They Wank His Balls Dry

December 31st, 2010 No comments

Wheelchair Flasher from PureCFNM

Nurse Sally is taking George for a walk round the hospital grounds. As she pushes his wheelchair along a country path they pass three babes and suddenly George whips the blanket off his legs and reveals he has got no trousers or underwear on! The ladies cry out in shock as they see his penis and Sally apologises and tries to cover him up. George keeps showing his dick to the women and soon they are gathering round for a closer look. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as Nurse Sally realizes she may as well let him get his thrill and the young girls ask him to play with himself while they watch. As he becomes hard they become more interested and ask if they can have a feel. One by one they start to jerk his cock and George gets more and more excited. Faye decides to tease him and lifts up her top so he can see her tits and this sends George over the edge and he cums all over himself as the babes applaud!

This wheelchair-bound man thought his days of sexual pleasure were over – until he flashed four ladies from PureCFNM. Rather than running away they grabbed hold of his dick and got him so stiff he spunked all over their young hands. If you like seeing strong-willed women taking charge of helpless naked guys, click here to head over to PureCFNM, the global leader in CFNM entertainment.

Carol Singers Teach Scrooge A Lesson By Making Him Cum On His Own Face!

December 24th, 2010 No comments

Carol Singers from PureCFNM

Three Christmas singers have knocked on Damian’s door but as they begin singing he is horrified and starts hurling verbal abuse at them saying how much he hates Xmas. When he calls them “bitches” the girls snap and push him inside the house so they can teach him some respect. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when they hold him down and spank his ass and then take his trousers off so they can see their hand prints on his bum. As they whack him they realise he has an erection and pull it through his legs so they can milk him like a cow. The poor guy then gets turned over so the three women can take turns to wank his cock, laughing at his average size and encouraging him to spunk so they can aim it at his mouth. When he does jizz the ladies cheer and giggle as he ejaculates all over his own clothes!

These babes were in the festive spirit until they visited this Scrooge character. He soon learnt his lesson as they humiliated him by milking him like a cow and making him explode on himself while they laughed. If you enjoy seeing groups of beautiful girls gang up and strip innocent guys so they can extract their cum, then click here for more from PureCFNM, the market leader in realistic CFNM entertainment.

Therapist Helps Shy Girl Overcome Her Fear Of Cocks!

December 17th, 2010 No comments

Scared Of Cocks from PureCFNM

Eve has gone to see therapist Pascha Knight because she has a problem – she is scared of penises! Pascha says she can help her and starts demonstrating how to correctly touch a guy’s “lovestick” by using a bottle. As Eve gets used to feeling something long and thin, Pascha calls in her next patient Michael to join them. He has a phobia with being open and she forces him to take his clothes off to help his treatment. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when seeing the naked man gets Eve all excited and as Pascha helps her beat her fear and place her hands on the guy’s dick, she realizes how nice it feels. The two women take turns to play with it and Eve becomes really aroused as it gets harder and stiffer. Michael is obviously liking it as well as he has a massive explosion of spunk all over the floor in front of them- much to Eve’s amusement!

After this short counselling session with Pascha this innocent lady can’t wait to get her hands on boy’s cocks. The babes are taking over the world and guys are now merely their sexual playthings. Click here to watch more videos from PureCFNM where groups of beautiful girls strip and wank, suck or fuck nude men for their own excitement.

Babes Catch Guy Stroking In His Car And Milk Him Dry

December 10th, 2010 No comments

Car Park Wank from PureCFNM

Paul is sitting in his car in a quiet car park flicking through his new porn magazine. As he gets aroused looking at the naked girls, he pulls out his cock and starts playing with himself. Little does he realise that the only car in the car park belongs to four women and they are on their way back. Lola spots what he is doing and beckons the others over and the four of them creep up and watch him jerking off. After giggling for a few minutes they rush up to him and catch him red-handed. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as they force him to wank in front of them and then they take over. Lola and Axa lean in and masturbate him through the window while Jess and Satine get in the back seat and stroke his penis from there. With all four babes wanking his dick and encouraging him to ejaculate for them he soon spunks all over himself as the girls cheer. They then drive off telling him not to be such a pervert in future!

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Two Innocent Girls Discover What CFNM Is All About

December 3rd, 2010 No comments

Answering The Advert from PureCFNM

Carly and Sasha have answered one of our adverts for new models. Unfortunately it seems they didn’t realise what CFNM was so when they come for their first interview, production assistant Simon has to attempt to explain it to them. The horny young guy decides rather than explain it he might as well show them so while they look confused and then shocked he strips off and exposes his nude body to them. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as the ladies can’t believe they are staring at his dick and become even more surprised when he begins wanking in front of them. They haven’t left though so Simon pushes his luck and gets them to wrap their hands round his penis and have a play themselves. The women seem to start enjoying it very quickly and are soon arguing over who gets to jerk it next. As they carry on playing with his dick he explodes all over their hands and the floor and two more babes are converted to the world of CFNM!