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Female Doctor And Three Nurses Strip And Milk A Male Patient

October 29th, 2010 No comments

Employee MedicalThe Geeks from PureCFNM

Dan has been faking a wrist problem in order to be signed off work but his company has sent him to the doctors today to double check his injury. Female consultant Amanda is very skeptical and calls in three female nurses to help her with the diagnosis. They force Dan to strip off in front of them and put on a hospital gown before making him do humiliating exercises in front of them so they can see up his robe! Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when they then get him onto the treatment table, lift up his gown and start examining his penis up close with surgical instruments. The attention of four sexy girls has his cock rock solid and when they begin taking turns to wank it Dan gets more and more excited. The ladies won’t let him cum though unless he admits he was pretending about the injury and he eventually gives in and ejaculate all over their hands.

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Ladies Compete To See Who Can Make Gloryhole Dicks Erupt First!

October 22nd, 2010 No comments

Gloryhole CFNM from PureCFNM

Eva has sneaked into the toilet so she can send a private text message but as she is sitting there she suddenly cries out in shock as a penis emerges through a hole in the wall! She calls out for friends Renee, Laura and Ella who rush in. The other girls are stunned as well but streetwise Renee tells them it is a gloryhole. She is clearly impressed with the size of the cock and starts stroking it and talking to the guy through the wall. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when the other women begin touching it as well when all of a sudden another dick appears through the other wall. Renee decides they should have a contest and soon the two pairs of ladies are wanking and talking dirty to their penises to try and make their cock cum first. Renee and Laura’s cock spunk and they cheer their success – just as Eva and Ella’s dick ejaculateseverywhere moments later!

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Female Joggers Catch Boy Wanking And Take Over

October 15th, 2010 No comments

Joggers Catch Him from PureCFNM

Four girls are out jogging through the countryside when they pass some farm buildings. Lola stops dead in her tracks as she can’t believe what she spotted through the window – one of the farm boys sitting on a tractor jerking off over a porn magazine! Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as the women watch him masturbating for a few minutes and then burst in on him. He feels very embarrassed and tries to cover up but the ladies won’t let him and hold his hands apart so they can get a better look at his cock. They ask him if he wants a hand and the lucky boy soon has all four of them taking turns to stroke his throbbing erection. The babes seem to love his penis and almost fight over who gets to wank it next. All the attention soon has the boy ejaculating all over their hands giving the hotties a good laugh before they jog off to continue their exercise.

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Three Babes In Wet T-Shirts Strip And Milk A Helpless Guy

October 8th, 2010 No comments

Wet T-Shirts from PureCFNM

Lola, Roxy and Faye are eyeing up the new gardener while he is filling up the swimming pool with a hosepipe. They decide to go over and chat to him but as they tap him on the shoulder he jumps with shock and accidentally sprays them all with water. The girls t-shirts get soaked and the groundsman can see their tits through them! The dripping girls see him smiling at their nipples and get angry, pushing him onto a chair and taking his clothes off so they can stare at what he has got as well. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when they first spot his cock and are suddenly transfixed by it and can’t stop touching and jerking it. Lady Sally comes out and is furious that the girls have stopped him working but when she sets eyes on his penis she has a feel herself and soon has him emptying his own hose all over his stomach!

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Cleopatra Forces Male To Strip And Submit To Milking From Her Servant Girls

October 1st, 2010 No comments

Cleopatra's Slave from PureCFNM

Cleopatra is discussing the affairs of her kingdom with her servant girls when one of her soldiers is brought in. It appears he was caught trying to sneak into the temple of the virgins. Cleopatra is furious and decides to teach the man a lesson in controlling his sexual urges. She tells her slave girls to take his clothes off and the ladies giggle away as they undress him. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when she then commands the women to touch his penis and one by one they have a go at stroking his cock. As he gets bigger, Cleopatra decides to take over herself and teases him with her huge breasts. With the other girls also feeling his dick and balls and with the queen’s beautiful hands pumping away at his penis, the solider loses control and ejaculates all over the place, covering one of the servant girl’s legs with his cum!

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