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Farm Girls Strip And Wank Young Stud’s Cock

September 24th, 2010 No comments

Farmboy Gets A Hand from PureCFNM

All the girls working on the farm have the hots for worker Jose. As he clears some leaves from the cattle shed, Syren decides to seduce him and soon has her hands down the front of his trousers! She undresses him and starts stroking his beautiful penis but they are then interrupted by three of the other women. When they see Jose’s dick they want to join in and Syren reluctantly has to share the hot boy with them. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as Jose thinks he is in heaven as the four gorgeous ladies start taking it in turns to jerk his cock. Syren whispers naughty things into his ear as they tell him what a magnificent penis he has. It’s not long before the innocent lad is spunking all over himself, making the girls even more desperate for another turn. As they leave they tell him to be ready for round two in an hour!

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Nine Office Girls Make Guy Strip Before Sucking His Cock Dry

September 17th, 2010 No comments

Blowjob For The Office Girls from PureCFNM

On a boring day in the office, Lucy tells Kate and Elle about how they once found naked self pictures on Simon’s computer and forced him to undress in front of them to punish him. They think it would be a great idea to do it again but this time in front of the whole female department! Later on all nine ladies are seated in the office when Simon is called in and ordered to take all his clothes off. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when he is very embarrassed but eventually does as he is told causing much laughter from the women. He is then told to masturbate while they watch and the female audience giggles away as they stare at him wanking. However, Simon refuses to ejaculate in front of them so Lucy leans forward and starts sucking his cock until he can control himself no longer and explodes all over her face with all the girls watching and laughing at him!

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Couple Share Their First CFNM Experience With Three Other Girls

September 10th, 2010 No comments

Couple's First CFNM from PureCFNM

Amy and her boyfriend Johnny have gone to the PureCFNM studio to watch some of Amy’s friends doing a shoot. After watching the first scene Amy is so excited that she wants to have a go herself in the next movie. Unfortunately the guy for the next shoot hasn’t turned up but she is so keen that she persuades her boyfriend to step in! He is a bit anxious but as she drags him onto set the other three women grab hold of him and start stripping him. Before he knows what is happening he is naked and each of the ladies are having a turn at stroking his cock. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when Amy shows his penis off proudly to her friends and Johnny definitely appears converted to the CFNM lifestyle! As they carry on wankingplaying with his dick he starts cumming all over the floor and also accidentally covers Louise’s leg!

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Naughty Boy Is Stripped And Wanked In Front Of Giggling Female Class

September 3rd, 2010 No comments

Idle Hands from PureCFNM

Paige gets bored sitting in detention so starts flirting with Phil at the back of the class. Before long they are groping each other’s naughty bits – something which does not amuse teacher Krystal when she walks into the room. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as she decides to teach them a lesson about “idle hands doing the devil’s work” and gets them up to the front of the class. She makes Phil to strip naked, much to the girls amusement, and then humiliates him by forcing him to stroke his cockin front of them. She invites good girl Stacey to have a feel of his penis and then shows how to expertly jerk’s dick. All three of the women have a turn at wanking his cock before Krystal commands Paige to put her hands on the desk so that Stacey can milk a load of sticky cum right into her open hands as a punishment!

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