Boy With Little Cock Is Embarrassed By His Mum In Front Of Sexy Female Neighbours

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Mummy's Boy Cock from PureCFNM

Mia visits the girls next door to inform them that she has caught her adopted son jerking off while they were sunbathing in the garden. They all agree to teach him a lesson and he is ordered to strip naked in front of them. Watch the trailer here to watch what takes place when they giggle at his tiny mummy’s boy dick. When he gets spanked over his mother’s knee he leaves behind a patch of precum on her trousers. Then the humiliation is completed as the poor boy accidentally cums while the girls are gently touching his little penis.

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Girls Class Enjoy Practical Hands On Lesson About Male Foreskins!

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Foreskin Play from PureCFNM

Miss Lau is trying to teach her class about foreskins but the females seem confused. When teaching assistant Jason walks in saying the headmaster would like to see her when the bell rings, Jasmine pounces on him and asks him if he has a foreskin. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what happens as he admits he isn't circumcised and she strips him naked so she is able to show the girls. Hilarity ensues as the women pull and poke at his foreskin, studying it closely. He gets hard with all the attention and the girls all take turns to suck his cock until he blows a huge load over teacher’s tits!

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Nerd From Accounts Is Stripped And Jerked Off By Laughing Female Execs

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10 Years Service from PureCFNM

Group leader Eva reaches ten year’s service with the company and her work colleagues arrange a male stripper to celebrate. Unfortunately he doesn’t show so Chantelle and Emma grab David from admin, take all his clothes off and push him into the conference room. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when the female office workers are stunned. He is nervous at first but as he gets into it and begins doing a helicopter with his dick, they all decide to have a good feel, resulting in a bulging hard on and a big orgasm!

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Daytime TV Chat Channel Girl Gets Covered In CFNM Cum While On The Phone!

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Daytime TV from PureCFNM

New girl Emma is on her first shift at the television Chat Channel. Her producer explains that the other ladies play pranks on the novices and might squirt moisturizer on her during her calls but she must not let it distract her. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what takes place as she starts taking calls and, unknown to her, one by one five naked men walk up behind her and spunk all over her ass and legs. When she realizes what has happened it makes her really horny and she hangs up her phone chat so she can strip and suck the [director|producer]]’s cock until he ejaculates on her face!

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Young Couple Fuck In The Middle Of A Shop While Watched By Two Other Girls

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When a young pair come into the furniture store, saleswoman Chessie smells commission! They ask if they can “try out” a very expensive bed while she keeps watch. Watch the trailer here to view what happens when Chessie isn't sure what they mean but the moment she turns round the guy is already half naked! She is just about to tell them to stop when she sees how big his cock is. Her assistant Valentina walks in and is also mesmerized by the penis and they watch as the girlfriend sucks him in front of them. They then begin having sex in several positions before he has a huge orgasm all over her ass!

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Guy Is Milked By Two Girls In One Night As They Compete For Him

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Hannah is going out with the girls tonight and is concerned that her boyfriend is going to jerk off to porn while she is out. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what occurs as she wanks him to a big orgasm before she leaves and he then falls asleep. A few hours later flat-mate Brooklyn walks in and finds him still naked and covered in cum. She assumes he jerked himself off and says Hannah isn’t looking after him. Hannah returns home and watches as Brooklyn milks a second load from his balls before the women start fighting over who milked the larger orgasm!

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Guy Gets Blowjob Under A Table By Two Young Girls With His Wife Right There!

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Secret Blowjob from PureCFNM

Max is having breakfast with girlfriend Sophia when she goes to make the tea. While her back is turned, her two naughty nieces creep in and hide under the table. When Sophia returns she is completely unaware that the girls have taken her husband’s cock out and are taking turns to wank and suck it without her knowing. Watch the trailer here to watch what takes place when the poor guy tries not to let on what is occurring as the two hot sluts give him a double blowjob. And when he shoots his load all over them his wife still has no idea what is going on!

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Gang Of Girls Force Two Guys To Play Soggy Biscuit And Eat Their Own Cum!

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Soggy Biscuit from PureCFNM

When the women hear about a game called soggy biscuit where the last man to cum on a biscuit has to eat it, they decide to make their two male friends play it for real! They strip them naked and start wanking and sucking them off until Dave shoots all over his biscuit. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what happens as they pass it to Trevor and make him wolf it all down. MILF Lois hasn’t left his cock alone though and he soon jizzes himself, all over another biscuit which the hysterical girls force him to consume as well! A VERY funny scene!

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Amazon Women Force Office Nerd Into Sex Acts Against His Will

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Office Bullies from PureCFNM

Office geek Tony is wrapping a present for his girlfriend when six foot goddesses Ava and Chelsey walk in. They grab him by the balls and when he protests the two amazonian girls lift him off his feet and tell him they will take whatever they want. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when they then take all his clothes off and each have a go to suck his dick. Chelsey gets onto the desk and opens her legs as Ava shoves the poor guy’s dick into her wet cunt. He then has to fuck her in different positions before cumming on her ass!

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College Girls Strip And Suck Some Teacher Cock To Win A Quiz

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Brainy Girls Quiz from PureCFNM

Miss Makepeace and her young ladies team are determined to secure victory in the university quiz. Hunky professor Mr Peters is the question master and they decide their only chance of success is to get to him before they start. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what takes place as they ask him quiz questions of their own and each time he gets one wrong they take an item of clothing from him. He is soon starkers with the women loving the sight of his nude body. They push him to the ground and take turns swallowing his penis until he cums all over the place!

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