Bitchy Girls Force Loser To Strip And Use A Fucking Machine

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Fucking Machine from PureCFNM

Lucie and Lola are laughing about the sad bastard at work who has a crush on her. She thinks he will do anything she asks so they get the poor guy to come round and strip naked while they giggle at him. They wank his cock until it is hard and then reveal Lola’s customized sex device! Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as they push his hard penis inside the Fleshlight and start using the machine! The girls are in hysterics as they control the speed with which the device fucks his dick but they end up taking his cock out and stroke him to a big orgasm themselves to prove that you can't beat a female's hand!

How humiliating to have two ladies controlling a device that is screwing your penis and laughing their heads off as they do it. Playing with your arousal like a cat with a ball of string! Judging by his cumshot, this loser didn't mind it though. Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Three Secretaries Trick Man Into Taking Naked Selfies

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Toilet Selfie from PureCFNM

Brian is receiving texts from a girl on Snapchat. When she asks him to send her a nude selfie he sneaks into the toilet cubicle to take it. Unknown to him, the messages are in fact from a female co-worker and three of the secretaries peer over the top of the cubicle and watch him strip and then snapping photos of himself. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when they start giggling and he is caught red-handed. They agree not to tell anyone providing he lets them in and the women then take over, wanking his penis and taking selfies of him until he has a huge orgasm over Wendy’s arm!

Wow this guy had a massive climax but no wonder with these three hotties jerking him off. A lovely combination of MILF, mature and young babes all lusting after your cock. It's enough to make any man spurt his load – just like the other hundreds of scenes from PureCFNM – click here to see them!

Boys End Up Naked In Front Of Three Girls In College Changing Rooms

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Mixed Changing from PureCFNM

A group of ladiesgirls and males arrive at a nearby school for a swimming gala. They discover that the sports hall has mixed changing rooms. The lads are quite nervous but finally agree, hoping to get a glimpse of their tits. Unfortunately the women have planned ahead and already have on their costumes under their uniform. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as the boys turn around and the babes burst out laughing when they see their cocks. As the guys cover up in embarrassment the females take pity on them and sink to their knees to suck them both off – each hottie getting a face full of spunk!

Ah the things we used to get up to at college just to see a pair of boobs. These guys got more than they bargained for to start with but it worked out well in the end as they received their first ever blowjob. Click here to see more lucky males being milked and sucked by gangs of women at PureCFNM.

Glamour Model Spots Trouser Tent And Forces Tog To Expose Himself For Her

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Tented Trousers from PureCFNM

Well known lingerie model Beth is stunned when photographer Brian has an obvious bulge in his thin trousers during their shoot. Watch the trailer here to watch how priceless her expressions of amazement are at the erection in his pants! When she confronts him about it afterwards he denies it until she tells him to pull his trousers down and prove it – which he happily does! She is shocked and turns to get dressed, only to catch him jerking off behind her. She grabs her phone and orders him to carry on, capturing it all on video to show her model friends. She teases him as he whacks off, daring him to cum in front of her – so he does!

This girl never does anything with guys so it is an incredible and rare opportunity to see her with a naked cock shooting its hot spunk before her very eyes! Her facial reactions throughout the whole scene are perfect CFNM, another winner from the PureCFNM stable.

Females Milk Cocks On An Endless Spunk Production Line

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Spunk Production Line from PureCFNM

In the future men are just a commodity, farmed for their semen by a race of girls. In this factory three beautiful babes jerk the male conveyor belt for their valuable cum. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place when the first man is sedated and wanked mercilessly until he shoots into the collection chamber. He is wheeled out and the next guy is carried in, restrained and drugged. The women get to work on him but the sedative has worn off and they are forced to cover his mouth with tape. They carry on jerking and sucking his dick until he ejaculates prematurely into Carla’s pretty face. Now the ladies need an extra sample, it's your turn . .

Being milked by sexy girls day after day for my spunk . . yeah, that sounds like a pretty good future actually. Bring it on! The future’s bright, the future’s PureCFNM.

Girls Give Friend A Blowjob After Seeing Him In Skimpy Fancy Dress Outfit

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Skin Suit from PureCFNM

Two women are discussing what costumes to get for the fancy dress party. Charlie returns home clutching a bag with his outfit in. He says he isn’t sure about it so the ladies insist he tries it on. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as their faces turn to shock when he walks out in a VERY figure hugging skin suit. It leaves nothing to the imagination and the babes howl with laughter when they find a pee-hole in the suit. They whip out his penis and say he should go to the party like that! As he covers up in embarrassment the girls sit him down and wank and suck his cock until he covers Georgie’s face in spunk!

What a great idea to show women your dick without getting arrested! I’m going to the next fancy dress party in an outfit just like this one so all the ladies can see the outline of my bulging penis! What a genius way to enjoy the CFNM lifestyle. More tips like this can be found at

Boxer Gets Wanked And Sucked By Ring Girls To Make His Fighting Weight

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Boxing Weigh In from PureCFNM

It's the day before the big fight and the challenger has arrived for the weigh in. To her horror, promoter Nina discovers that he is 2 ounces overweight and isn't going to be allowed to box. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens when she sends the press out of the room and questions the fighter, finding out that he hasn’t wanked for months. She orders her two promotion babes to strip him naked while her female colleagues gather round for a closer inspection. The ring ladies then jerk and blow his cock until he spunks all over their pretty young faces. He steps onto the scales and the extra weight has gone, the boxing match is on!

If I didn’t masturbate for weeks and then these two babes sucked me off I think my cumshot would take their heads off it would be so powerful! I guess when a boxer is overweight, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Click here for more horny CFNM from PureCFNM, the global leader in the CFNM niche.

Girls Suck Off Doctor To Thank Him For Their First Ever Orgasm!

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Her First Orgasm from PureCFNM

Lissa has gone to the doctors to see if anything can be done about her inability to reach ejaculation. Her friend Charlie has gone with her for moral support and they are pleased to find out that Dr Josh thinks there is a cure. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place as he gets Lissa onto the treatment table, hikes up her dress and starts slowly caressing her pussy. His skillful hands soon have her erupting with ecstasy and she has her first orgasm ever! The ladies are so appreciative that they insist on stripping Josh and showing him their own techniques, wanking and sucking him to a huge orgasm all over Lissa’s face!

This scene literally has it all. A gorgeous woman’s vagina on show, followed by her having a loud climax, proceeded by some amazing blowjob action and a massive explosion in the beautiful babe’s face. Porn heaven . . there’s more here at PureCFNM.

Girls Demand A Live Show After Accidentally Seeing A Guy Naked On Webcam

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Live Show Please from PureCFNM

Russ has just finished talking to friends on cam but forgets to turn it off. As a result his four female pals get a great view of him stripping naked for his shower. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what occurs when he comes out of the bath and they view him lie on the bed and jerk off into a sock! The women turn on the microphone and applaud him, sending him into a state of shock. They promise they won't tell anyone what they saw on the condition that he drives round to their house immediately and gives them a private viewing. All four ladies then help themselves to his cock, wanking and sucking it until he spunks on Georgie’s face!

I’m going to leave my webcam on intentionally if this is what happens! Getting milked and blown by four gorgeous females and treated like their sexual play thing. Kill me now I’m in heaven! More from PureCFNM here.

Female Nightclub Owners Lick Spunk Off A Male Stripper’s Body

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Stripper Audition from PureCFNM

Three ladies are auditioning new male strippers for their bar but so far the applicants have been awful. Next up is good-looking hunk Alexei and they take an instant liking to him. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens as he strips off and reveals his toned six pack, the women go all giggly and begin groping his body. When his thong comes off they stare wide-eyed at his penis before pouncing on it, jerking and blowing him until he spunks all over himself. The horny girls then take turns to slurp the cum off his stomach before telling him to get cleaned up as he starts tonight!

There is no controlling a group of females when they see a man they fancy. They will literally tear his clothes off his body to get to his dick. Even after this male had shot his load they still hadn't had enough and drank all the semen from his tummy, not wanting to waste a drop. There’s more from these same girls at PureCFNM. Click here to see it now!