Guy Is Sucked Off By Three Girls After They Catch Him Naked On Webcam

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Caught Camming from PureCFNM

Mac is enjoying a sexy webcam session with a girl when his three female housemates burst in! He is horrified but they find it hilarious, especially when the woman asks if they will get involved! Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when they first make him carry on jerking off while they watch and laugh. Then they each take over and give him a handjob before lowering their heads and giving him a three-way blowjob. Ava sucks his balls and then strokes his big load all over her friends' faces as the cam lady watches in amazement!

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Girls In Satin Nighties Make Guy Have A Premature Ejaculation

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Premature Control from PureCFNM

Experienced Red is going to teach poor Cedric to conquer his problems with premature orgasms. She leads him into a bedroom where two sexy babes in silk negligees are asleep. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens as she strips him naked and removes their bed covers so he can see their beautiful bodies. He cries that he is going to cum and the women wake up. They don't believe a man can cum that fast so they push him onto the bed and all three take turns gently wanking him until he explodes all over Red’s satin nightie within a few minutes!

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Teacher Claims He Can Have Multiple Orgasms So College Girls Decide To Find Out!

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Multiple Orgasms from PureCFNM

In the middle of an extra tuition biology class, tutors Mike and Cathy clash over whether men can have multiple orgasms like women can. She teaches the girls that only women can cum twice but Mike announces he can do it himself – so the females jump on him and intend to find out! Watch the trailer here to view what occurs when they take his clothes off and start jerking his cock until he cums on himself. They then clean him up before beginning to work on his penis all over again. To their amazement he ejaculates a second time for them and they admit that maybe they were wrong!

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Aunties Corrupt Young Lad In Front Of His Teen Girlfriend!

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Aunties Corrupt from PureCFNM

Bonnie has brought her new boyfriend to meet her aunties but the two MILFs send her off to make some tea while they paw at the young boy. Eventually they leave the young lovers together but Billy excuses himself and goes looking for the older women, finding Candi fingering herself in her room. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what takes place as she pulls him in and gets Wendy to help her to strip him. Moments later they are both in the middle of jerking his cock when Bonnie walks in horrified! They decide to teach the young girl how to satisfy her man and the handjob masterclass soon has the young boy spunking all over himself!

I never got taken advantage of like this when I was a boy . . shame really! This lucky bastard looked like he was in heaven with two hot MILFs showing his horny young girlfriend how to jack him off. Total paradise! You can see more sexy CFNM scenes like this by clicking here now.

Girls Show Off Their New Underwear To Give Naked Man An Orgasm

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Which Underwear from PureCFNM

Four women have been shopping for new lingerie to impress their boyfriends. When Peter walks in they ask his opinion but he isn’t interested. The ladies decide to let him see the underwear on and he suddenly gets VERY interested! As one by one the females take all their clothes off and then put on the new bra and panty sets, Peter’s erection starts to grow. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when they pounce on him and pull his clothes off so they can see the effect they are having on him. As they all begin jerking him off he soon shoots a big load to excited cries and cheers from the lusty females!

This guy did well to last so long. The sight of these four stunners undressing and trying on underwear in front of me would have had me jizzing in my pants before they even got my dick out! What a great scene from PureCFNM, the master of CFNM entertainment!

Pervy Exec Is Humiliated By Three Secretaries And Made To Spunk In His Own Face!

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Wandering Hands from PureCFNM

Lecherous boss Simon is well known for touching up his female staff. But today Ava has a camera hidden in her pen and films the sexual harassment before calling in two of her colleagues. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what occurs as the three bitches blackmail the guy, forcing him to strip naked before making him wear their crotch-less knickers and skirt. They turn him upside down on the sofa and use a vibrator on his asshole while they wank him off until he cums in his own mouth. Anna wipes the drips off his cock and shoves it on his lips as Ava laughs and Bonnie records the whole thing!

Men should be wary of one angry woman, let alone three! This guy was forced to cross-dress and suffer the violation of having objects shoved up his ass while the females jerked him off and videoed it all. It looks like they give the orders now. Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Counsellor Is Stripped And Sucked Off To Help Girl With Her Problems

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Trauma Counselling from PureCFNM

Trainee life coach Tony is sitting in on his first self help group. Shy Nomi is explaining how a teacher took advantage of her and demonstrates what he did by rubbing the front of Tony’s trousers. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when Tony protests but Beth tells him not to interrupt the meeting. As Nomi continues showing what occurred, she strips Tony off and starts sucking his cock. Blonde babe Nesty dives in to help out but all the girls are taken by surprise when Tony loses control and blows his load in their faces!

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Male Apprentice Is Initiated By His Female Office Workers

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The Apprentice from PureCFNM

Rob is on the last day of his internship when he discovers that the company has a strange “passing out” ceremony for their new recruits – he has to work in the nude on his final day! Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens as he reluctantly strips off in front of his female co-workers and then office manager Lissa asks him to pose for his ID photo! The sight of his cock soon has the lady secretaries all excited and they start wanking his penis before Charlie takes it in her mouth and blows him until he shoots all over her face!

There is nothing sexier than a woman in office clothing sucking a cock. The fact that these two girls orchestrated the whole thing just to take advantage of this poor boy is even sexier. Click here to see more hot CFNM action from PureCFNM now.

Guy Sees Tanning Girl In The Nude But Is Taught A Lesson By Her Friends

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Sunbed Interrupted from PureCFNM

Satine has settled down with her sunbed machine in her bedroom when suddenly a man interrupts her. She tells him to get out and when her housemates rush in, she discovers that he is their new lodger! Feeling violated and wanting to teach him the rules of the house, the girls head to his room where they confront him. Watch the trailer here to view what occurs when they yank his clothes off so he can feel as exposed as Satine did. But when they see his big penis they decide to help themselves and are soon giving him a threeway blowjob until he spunks everywhere!

Babes just can't help themselves. Deep down they simply love the sight of a big dick. They marched to his room to give him a piece of their mind but ended up all giving him a blowjob. Something tells me he didn’t learn his lesson! Click here for more sexy CFNM action from PureCFNM now.

Guy Is Forced To Get His Cock Out For A Tabloid Newspaper

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Cocks On Page Four from PureCFNM

The Sun Newspaper has famously brought back topless girls on Page 3 – but now they have gone a step further! They are going to feature naked men on page four to give equality to women. Simon is the first model to be photographed for the new feature but he is very nervous and his agent Red even has to pull his pants down in front of the female photographers. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what takes place as they start snapping away but then decide it would look better if his penis was erect. They wank him to a big erection but he gets carried away and cums over Sienna’s wonderful cleavage!

What a lucky guy! Not only did he get three girls jerking him off until he jizzed on a perfect pair of tits – but he is also going to have his naked photos seen by thousands of females in a newspaper! I would swap places with him any day. Click here for more sexy fantasy scenarios from PureCFNM now.