College Girls Strip And Suck Some Teacher Cock To Win A Quiz

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Brainy Girls Quiz from PureCFNM

Miss Makepeace and her young ladies team are determined to secure victory in the university quiz. Hunky professor Mr Peters is the question master and they decide their only chance of success is to get to him before they start. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what takes place as they ask him quiz questions of their own and each time he gets one wrong they take an item of clothing from him. He is soon starkers with the women loving the sight of his nude body. They push him to the ground and take turns swallowing his penis until he cums all over the place!

CFNM College babes sucking off their naked professor, how horny is that?! It was really sexy when the two teachers began kissing as the young ladies blew him too – click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Male Ballet Dancer Gets Unwanted Erection So His Female Colleagues Strip And Suck Him Off

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Ballet Boner from PureCFNM

The dancers are warming up for ballet rehearsal when lead male Tony becomes a bit excited. Head choreographer Kiki walks in and is horrified when she sees the big tent in his tights. Watch the trailer here to view what happens when the women all stare and laugh as she yanks them down and exposes his throbbing boner to them all. She tells him to “get rid of it” so they can begin practicing but he confesses there is only one way it will go down. Kiki wanks his cock and then shoves Tasha to the floor and makes her suck his penis until he spunks all over her huge tits while the other girls watch!

If I had been rubbing my groin against Tasha’s perfect ass I think I would have got a stiffie as well. And who can blame the guy for cumming over those wonderful boobs! Click here to see more from all the girls in this video.

Sorority Girls Humiliate New Male Pledges By Measuring Their Cocks

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Measuring Up from PureCFNM

Sorority leader Chantelle helps out one of the fraternities each year by putting their new freshmen through an initiation ordeal. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what occurs as the boys have to strip naked in front of the babes and allow them to measure their penises both soft and hard and take pictures of their dicks. The ladies then jerk them all off and rate their cumshot on the “Penis Register”. Imagine their shock when a teacher joins in and has the biggest orgasm of them all!

Five pretty girls watching five men jizz after checking their penis sizes. How degrading and arousing all at the same time. Another great scene from PureCFNM – click here for more!

Chained Up Males Are Milked Like Cows For Females Entertainment

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Inspection Room from PureCFNM

Two helpless men are tied to the tables of the inspection room when three beautiful girls walk in. The guys have to kneel there naked with their asses in the air and their cocks standing to attention as the group of ladies prod and poke them. Watch the trailer here to watch what takes place when their butts are examined and their penises groped and the women laugh their heads off as pre-cum drips from their boners. When the females decide to milk them like cows it doesn’t take long for both guys to shoot big loads for these mistresses who just giggle and walk off, leaving them with their puddles.

I love how these guys are totally exposed and at the mercy of the women. Their most private parts inspected and fondled without them being able to stop it. The fact the guys were oozing pre-cum was very horny and demonstrated how aroused they were – it didn’t take me much time to cum watching this video either!

Secretaries Spy On Guy Jerking Off Then Burst In To Finish Him Off Themselves!

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Office Voyeurs from PureCFNM

Alessa has long suspected that Jack wanks in his office when he should be working. She gets two fellow office girls and together and they snoop on him, seeing as he masturbates and cums in his hand. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what happens as they then storm in and embarrass him before he has chance to clean up. They laugh at how sensitive his cock is as they poke at it and they wonder if his big penis can shoot again if they have a play with it. As the three girls each have a go to milk his dick he is soon jizzing for the second time as they watch in thrilled excitement!

It’s difficult to find scenes like this on the internet where ladies have fun playing with a man’s penis AFTER he has ejaculated. The sensitivity of his dick gave them a lot of amusement but he quickly got turned on again and came a second time to seriously impress them! Another sexy video from PureCFNM.

Young Boy Gets Unwanted Erection And Is Taken Advantage Of By Three MILFs

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Driving Test from PureCFNM

Gorgeous driving examiner Taylor has to bring an innocent lad back to the office midway through his test as he has become a bit aroused in the car. Hannah goes to see if he is OK and is shocked at the tent in his trousers. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when the older women take pity on him and agree the only way he can take his exam is if they get rid of his stiffie. They take all his clothes off and take turns to stroke his teen throbbing dick until he shoots a big load of cum for them. “You young boys just can’t control yourselves can you,” they laugh.

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Business Women Strip And Suck Young Entrepreneur To Test His Male Enhancement Formula

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Sharks' Den from PureCFNM

Popular TV show the Shark’s Den sees budding inventors trying to pitch some rich business females about their money-spinning ideas. Today, Josh is after $100,000 for his company which increases the male ejaculation. The three lady investors are interested in the figures but won't commit before seeing the product works. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what takes place as they decide to strip him naked and test the formula on Josh. As they wank and suck his cock he gets more turned on until there is a huge explosion – prompting all three girls to invest!

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Office Girls Strip Off And Give Handjobs To Put Off CFNM Guys In Interview

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Keep Focus from PureCFNM

Company execs Brooklyn and George have an unusual interview technique to see if their candidates can keep focused or become distracted. Watch the trailer here to view what happens when Hannah sits down for her meeting and George strips naked in front of her before jerking off. As she struggles to concentrate she gives up and lowers her lips over his cock, sucking his penis until he shoots all over her face. She hasn't got the job but next up is Tony. When he is asked to undress in front of Brooklyn who then wanks him off in her underwear, he too loses focus and ejaculates! Will anyone get the vacancy?

If you offered me a million pounds to concentrate and then Brooklyn Blue stripped down to her underwear and wanked me off, I would forget the job and shoot my load as well. What a horny scene – Hannah Shaw giving a blowjob and then Brooklyn Blue giving a lingerie handjob. Thank you PureCFNM!

Female Swimming Teachers Strip And Suck Young Male Student

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Swim Teachers from PureCFNM

Billy has just finished his shower and decides to flick through one of the porn mags in his locker. Unfortunately swimming instructors Ava and Chelsey walk in and catch him at it. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what takes place as they confiscate the naughty material and pull off his towel to see how excited it has got him. The sight of the hard young cock soon has the two tutors fighting to taste his penis. They push him onto his back and let him feel their asses through the swimsuits until he gives up his teen sperm for them.

Is there anything hornier than two confident, experienced women taking advantage of a young boy? These teachers wanted a hard young dick and once they saw it they were going to have it whether he liked it or not. An amazing CFNM blowjob scene from two hot MILFs! See more from PureCFNM here.

Rich Bitches Use Man Servant For Their Sexual Pleasure

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Man Servant from PureCFNM

Wealthy socialite Mia has just hired a new male butler to take care of her needs whilst her husband is out working. Introducing him to her two young friends, she decides to show him off and orders him to strip naked in front of them. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when the girls are shocked at how erect he is the instant his pants come off. As they start wrapping their hands around his dick, he begins to fuck their fists until he takes them all by surprise and shoots a big ejaculation all over the coffee table!

You can't blame this guy for shooting his load so quickly. If these three babes undressed me and had their fingers all over my cock, I would jizz in no time at all also. I loved their faces when he came so fast – they really were not expecting that at all – very sexy and amusing at the same time! Click here for more like this.