Female Security Officers Strip Search A Guy Before Sucking His Cock

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Airport Scanner from PureCFNM

Airport customs guards Adele and Mishka spot hunky Pascal walking through the terminal and pull him into the private scanning room. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what occurs as each time he walks through the x-ray machine they secretly set it off and ask him to remove an item of clothing until he is totally naked! They bend him over and put on rubber gloves so they can probe his asshole before grabbing his penis and deciding there’s only one place left to examine. The girls each have a turn to wank and blow his dick until he spunks on Adele’s face. As Pascal then boards his plane the women check the CCTV to pick out their next male victim.

Isn’t it shameless when beautiful ladies misuse a position of authority to get a helpless man naked? NO! It’s brilliant and they should do it more often! Click here to see more scenes like this from PureCFNM now.

College Girls Persuade Teacher To Let Them Study His Foreskin

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Foreskin Study from PureCFNM

Tutor Ken is trying to talk the young ladies through human biology but they appear fascinated with uncircumcised penises and the fact that some guys have them and some don’t. They question Ken on the subject until he lets slip that he has a foreskin. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when this makes the students desperate to see it and examine a foreskin up close. Eventually Ken gives in and the girls start prodding and poking his penis, pulling at the foreskin and giggling at it. They then want to see if it works like a normal cock and take turns to wank him off until he has a massive orgasm all over Victoria’s desk and tartan skirt!

A lot of girls are fascinated with whether guys have a foreskin or not. Some like it, some don't, but they always talk about it. There are very few videos out there that feature this aspect of a man's genitalia, but as always, PureCFNM comes up with another interesting slant on the CFNM niche. Click here to see more from them now.

Cheating Husband Gets Facesat By Two Sexy Girls And Sucked To A Massive Explosion

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Facesitting The Cheater from PureCFNM

Georgie is upset because she has found texts on her boyfriend’s phone to another woman saying how much he enjoys eating her pussy. When Josh walks in a few minutes later the ladies confront him and push him to the ground. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as Chantelle holds him down while Georgie straddles his face. “You love licking cunt that much, let’s see you eat ours!” she says riding his mouth as Chantelle takes off his trousers and underwear. The two females take turns sucking his penis as they both have a go sqatting on his face. The poor boy obviously does get off on eating vagina as he has an enormous orgasm with Chantelle still sitting on his mouth!

These two babes really took control of this lad, taking his clothes off and forcing him to eat their wet holes while they tasted his dick. It's no surprise that his orgasm was huge with these two hotties straddling his face. If this made you horny, click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Bossy Nurses Remove Patient’s Trousers and Suck His Cock To Ease His Pain

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Broken Leg from PureCFNM

When Justin hobbles into the emergency room with a broken leg, matron quickly decides he needs his bandages changing. Watch the trailer here to view what happens when he is very reluctant to remove his pants to let the nurses to do this. It appears he has no underwear on but the controlling sister tells him to stop being silly. As his jeans come off, the younger nurses giggle but this turns to shock when they turn round and see the matron holding his penis. “I’m just taking his mind off the injury,” she informs them as they redress the dressing. Once the fresh plaster is on though, the girls set about wanking and blowing the big dick until he spunks in Tiffany’s mouth!

Medical CFNM really is the best kind and there’s hundreds of realistic hospital CFNM content at PureCFNM. Click here to view more of their films now.

Women's Rights Group Strips Male Chauvinist And Wank Him Into His Own Mouth!

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Spit Or Swallow from PureCFNM

The Female Rights Club is in the middle of their monthly meeting when an arrogant man accidentally stumbles in. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place as he explains he was looking for a different room but isn't going to waste the chance to make fun of them. He says women's activists like them are probably spitters not swallowers and tells them they are only good for giving blowjobs and swallowing cum. The girls are so incensed that they grab him, stripping him naked and laughing at how small his cock is. They turn him upside down and start jerking him off until he ejaculates right in his own face to howls of laughter from the seven ladies!

It’s embarrassing enough having your clothes removed in front of seven clothed females. To then have them giggle at your penis size is worse . . and to then make you shoot in your own mouth is the ultimate humiliation. The women seemed to find it hilarious though! Click here for loads more like this from PureCFNM.

Four Hot Girls Prove That Men Have No Control Over Their Penises

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Penis Control from PureCFNM

Jaye is upset because a longtime male friend just tried it on with her. Her pals explain that guys are pigs and can't handle their own cocks. Just then, Lissa’s boyfriend walks in and asks what they’re chatting about. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when he claims to have amazing control and that their theory on males is rubbish! Sadly for him they call his bluff and demand that he proves it. They strip him off and set a timer to see how long it takes to make him cum. As he tries not to spunk, the women flash their tits and pussies and play with each other while wanking his dick and talking dirty until he can't hold out any longer and ejaculates.

Now that’s one contest I don't mind losing. Four sexy females wanting nothing more than to see me shoot my spunk high into the air . . OK, if you insist ladies! There’s loads more hungry females like these sluts over at PureCFNM. Click here to watch them now.

Do You Want To Be The Next Guy Getting Sucked Off By Three Hot Girls?

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The Audition from PureCFNM

At PureCFNM we give our members the chance to be in scenes with our gorgeous women. In this film we can see how one man got on in his audition to take part. He is interviewed by three sexy ladies, asking him what turns him on about CFNM. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens as they then tell him to strip naked in front of them and “flop his cock on the table”. The females prod and poke at it and comment on it before ordering him to jerk off for them. They watch him for a while before getting involved, taking turns to wank his penis. Harmony grabs a camera so she can record his cumshot and then swallows his dick until he has a huge ejaculation all over her face.

This is one of the biggest CFNM cumshots you will see. These three girls certainly got this amateur guy so horny that he had one of the largest orgasms of his life – right into the slut’s face! She seemed to love it though. Click here to watch more from PureCFNM now.

Bikini Girls Strip And Suck Lucky Customer

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Bikini Car Wash from PureCFNM

Three babes are raising money for charity by running a bikini car wash. The sight of their gorgeous half naked bodies gets one driver a bit carried away and he starts playing with himself inside the car. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when the women spot this and are very unimpressed, dragging him out to explain himself. The cheeky chappy says he was just rearranging himself and complains they were taking too long but the ladies tug his hands apart and expose his cock. The appearance of the bulging erection soon changes their anger to excitement and they take turns wanking and blowing his penis until he spunks over their tits!

Simply looking at these three gorgeous scantily clad figures would have made me shoot my load, so to then imagine them all swallowing my dick would have been too much. This is a really horny scene from PureCFNM, the market leaders in realistic CFNM entertainment.

Poor Guy Is Forced To Strip And Get Milked By Drunken Bachelorette Girls

February 21st, 2014 No comments

Entertaining The Hens from PureCFNM

Jess’s hen night is off to a bad start, especially when a terrible magician arrives and all his tricks go wrong! Take a look at the sample clip here to see what occurs as restaurant manager Nina is furious with him and demands that he entertains her disgruntled customers in another manner. She announces him as a comedy stripper and the girls all cheer as Nina makes him take all his clothes off for them. His tiny makes them laugh their heads off but as Jess and Stella begin jerking it, his penis soon gets a lot bigger. The unfortunate man doesn’t want to ejaculate in front of them all and tries to run off but Nina hauls him back just as he shoots his load in front of everyone!

This must have been pretty humiliating for the male but I do think I would find it a massive turn on to be milked in front of a group of sexy females, all staring at my dick. There’s loads more scenes like this one over at PureCFNM.com now.

MILF And Teen Give Amazing Double CFNM Blowjob

February 14th, 2014 No comments

While Mom Is Away from PureCFNM

Ella has agreed to look after her friend’s wild daughter while her mum goes on holiday. It's not long before the naughty girl is up to no good, sneaking her boyfriend into her room so she can suck his cock. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when she is in full flow when an angry Ella walks in on them. Her tune soon changes when she sets eyes on the young cock standing to attention in front of her. She agrees not to say anything to Nadia’s [mother|mum]] providing she gets to join in. The boy is in shock as the two women start giving him a dual blowjob, competing to see who is better. When he erupts in a huge orgasm that [covers|plasters]] them both, they each claim credit for it!

Having one gorgeous female sucking your penis is pretty cool – but enjoying two?! It must have felt like all this guy’s birthdays had come at once. No wonder he produced one of the largest cumshots I’ve seen in ages! Click here for more sexy stuff like this from PureCFNM.