Two Girls Share A Naked CFNM Man And Give Him A Double Blowjob Until His Cock Explodes

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Plenty For Both from PureCFNM

The babes have been on a night out but only Holly has met a new guy. As she makes out on the sofa, Lu looks depressed so Holly decides to cheer her up – by sharing her man! Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when she orders him to strip off and as he drops his pants they see that he is already fully erect! The women push him onto the floor and start teasing his penis with their tongues. The amazing joint oral torture can only last so long before he cums all over the place – “now you have to fuck us both” Holly announces!

You rarely see a blowjob scene in which the ladies taunt the dick so mercilessly with their lips. They almost teased the cum out of his cock rather than sucking it out – very sensual! Two horny females taking advantage of a helpless CFNM guy – does it get any better than that? Click here for more great movies from PureCFNM now.

Wife Ties Up Husband And Leaves Him Naked For Schoolgirls To Abuse

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Selfish Pig from PureCFNM

Poor John has been restrained without any clothes on in public by his angry wife. She added a sign saying “I’m A Selfish Pig Please Take Photos”. Unfortunately for John she chained on a footpath leading to the local college. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens as three girls on their way to school come across him. They find it hilarious and take selfies with his cock while laughing and humiliating him. They then take turns to wank and suck his penis before he ejaculates in a HUGE cumshot which totally shocks the girls! They then abandon him there for the next group of ladies!

He may have been embarrassed to start with but I’d love to be tied up and taken advantage of by three coeds. Snap as many photos as you like ladies – as long as your [hands and mouths are on my dick I’m a happy boy! Seriously sexy stuff from PureCFNM, the market leader in CFNM entertainment.

Dressing Room Flasher Is Stripped And Sucked By Clothing Store Girls

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Dressing Room Flasher from PureCFNM

Shop assistant Stella is shocked when she walks past the changing room and sees a naked man with the curtains half open. Watch the trailer here to view what occurs when she watches him for a while and then calls over her manager and colleagues. After a few minutes of staring at him boss Sasha has seen enough and they burst in to find out why he has his trousers off when he was merely trying on a shirt! They agree that he is a flashing pervert but when they see his cock they decide to have some fun. One by one they suck his dick until it is throbbing and rock hard and then they make him cum all over himself!

I’ve always dreamed of this situation when I’ve been in the changing cubicles of clothing stores. If only the pretty retail assistant could see me undressing. This scene allows me to actually see my fantasy – thank you PureCFNM for another home run!

Girls Force CFNM Guy To Model For Them Before Jerking His Balls Dry

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Thong Parade from PureCFNM

When John arrives at his friend’s Anne Summers party he thinks the ladies want his opinion on their lingerie. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what takes place as sadly for him they actually need him to try on the men’s range of skimpy thongs. Reluctantly he puts on the underwear and parades in front of them as they howl with laughter and prod and grope his cock and nuts. Four embarrassing outfits later, the women decide to see what’s underneath and yank down his pants and start playing with his penis. He soon has a huge erection and is quickly shooting his cum all over Lu’s bare thighs!

I love the way these girls tease the guy when he has hardly anything on. They are clearly getting off on having him at a clothing disadvantage. When they milk his cock across their friend’s exposed legs it had me cumming everywhere! Another sexy CFNM video from PureCFNM.

Girls Pounce On Naked CFNM Guy When His Clothes Get Soaked In The Rain

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Caught In The Rain from PureCFNM

A sudden downpour means John and three lady friends arriving at their university dorm soaking wet. House mother Tara tells them to strip off so they don't catch cold and she can put their outfits in the dryer. John doesn't want to take off his trousers as he has gone commando but Tara is insistent and he is soon standing there exposed in front of the gorgeous women. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when seeing them in their underwear soon gives him a boner and the females can't keep their hands off. They take turns to suck his cock until he cums all over Sienna’s chest and bra!

With these four babes in their thongs it’s no surprise this guy got a raging hard on. When they then started blowing him I shot my load immediately. I love the Point Of View filming at the end of this scene which makes you think these four girls are actually sucking you off! Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Handcuffed Naked Guy Is Edged Until He Shoots His Load As Girls Watch And Laugh

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Ruined Orgasm from PureCFNM

Four babes are drawing a male erection in today’s art class. Their nude male is restrained and gagged and the ladies gently tease his cock until it is rock hard. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what occurs as they then start sketching and giggle as they bounce the stiffie up and down with their fingers. Every few seconds one of the women carefully caresses the dick so it is in a constant state of arousal. After a while their fondling becomes too much and the guy begins moaning loudly. Tina takes her hand away and the females watch as the penis explodes all on it's own!

You know that feeling . . When you’ve wanked and edged for so long that you just can’t control your orgasm any longer. Well this guy does . . and these girls just watched it up close and personal. It may have been a ruined orgasm but the ladies erupted in surprise at his ejaculation, staring as the cock spunk on its own. Brilliant stuff from PureCFNM . .

Secretaries Humiliate Male Foreman By Stripping Him Naked And Taking Photos

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Humiliated Foreman from PureCFNM

The female execs are on strike and are on the verge of bringing the company down. As soon as the business owner discovers it is manager Mike that has upset them, he orders Mike to do whatever the women say to end the strike. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when the girls decide to get their revenge and order the foreman to undress in front of them. They then each have a go to spank his ass before pushing him onto his back and taking selfies of him all exposed. They then jerk him off until he shoots a big load all over himself telling him they want a pay rise or the pictures go public!

Stripped, spanked and wanked by three girls in sexy office outfits. Seems like CFNM heaven to me! They even took photos of him naked to look at later and show their friends. I’m getting hard just thinking about that happening to me. Click here to see more great CFNM content from PureCFNM.

Girl Is Dared To Get Some CFNM Blowjob Action At Her Hen Night!

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Hen Party Dare from PureCFNM

Jessy’s two best friends are determined to make her bachelorette party a lively one. They have a series of challenges that she has to do and the first one is to convince a random guy to show her his cock! Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens as Jessy grabs the next man to walk by and persuades him into flashing his penis. When they see it though, the women get so excited that they yank down his trousers so they can have a closer look. Before he knows what is taking place they shove him onto the ground and take turns to suck his cock until he shoots a huge load all over the place!

If any ladies out there are planning a bachelorette party I’m available for your bride to be to carry out her dares on. Bring as many females as you like really . . what an amazing fantasy! Thanks PureCFNM for fuelling my dreams for weeks!

Nurses Suck Off A Patient In Front Of Shocked Female Medical Students

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Student Doctors from PureCFNM

Dr Austen has brought two nurses and two student doctors on her rounds today. Male patient Luke is very nervous when she wants to examine him naked while they all watch. Watch the trailer here to view what occurs when they persuade him to take his robe off but as the nurses handle his cock he gets an erection. Dr Ava is horrified because they only have 30 minutes until his operation. As her two studentszyoung doctors watch in shock, the matrons and Ava proceed to give him a blowjob until he has a massive orgasm. “At least his hard on will go down now so we can proceed” says Dr Austen.

This doctor's bedside manner is genius! Relieve the guy’s worries about his penis operation by sucking him off in front of a load of nurses and medical students! Dick stiffening stuff from PureCFNM as usual . . click here to see more now.

Office Girls Blackmail Co-Worker Into Stripping And Letting Them Suck His Cock

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Office Moonlighting from PureCFNM

When secretary Lu is sent pictures from a hen night her sister went to, she is shocked to find colleague Jamie was the stripper! Take a look at the sample clip here to see what takes place as she tells office manager Holly and the two girls confront him about it. Holly threatens to get him fired if he doesn't show them what all the bachelorettes got to see. He reluctantly undresses and the two women help themselves to his delicious penis, wanking and sucking it until he has a massive orgasm much to their delight!

The way these sexy female execs kept talking about “all those women staring at your big throbbing dick” was very horny in this scene. The females could see that being a CFNM exhibitionist turned him on so they kept mentioning it as they sucked him until he couldn't control it any longer – very hot stuff if you like Clothed Female Naked Male. Click here for more from PureCFNM now.