Five Horny Women Pounce On Young Stud And Strip, Wank And Suck His Cock Till He Cums

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Come Dine On Me from PureCFNM

Billy is getting dinner ready for his five female guests when one by one they come into the kitchen and grope his cock! Each woman thinks she is the “special one” but when they find out he has had fun with them all, they turn the tables on him. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as they jump on him and strip him naked before flinging him onto the table so they can dine on his penis! They each have a go to jerk and blow his big young dick until he ejaculates in Dolly’s mouth. The girls howl with laughter as the semen dribbles from her lips!

This guy thought he was being a player but the five girls gave him some of his own medicine and used him for their own pleasure. I do love seeing a hot babe take a cumshot in her mouth though – more great CFNM action from PureCFNM!

Size Queen Makes Group Of Naked Men Line Up To Be Measured, Photographed And Milked

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Penis Parade from PureCFNM

Dr Misha is conducting research into male arousal and has persuaded four nude male victims to be test subjects. One by one she calls in the reluctant males|guys|men]] and carries out a series of checks on their penises. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when first she feels their genitalia and compares them to each other. Then she gets a tape measure and records each cock size on her notepad. She then takes several photos of their exposed erections to show her female colleagues before jerking off each guy into a beaker and assessing the contents!

I love scenes like this where the men are just treated like penis carriers and the female is only interested in their throbbing erection. Its so sexy to see a girl measuring guy’s cocks and comparing them too! Click here for more from PureCFNM now!

Group Of Girls Help Shy Teen To Sample Her First Ever Cock!

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Curing Inexperience from PureCFNM

Sade is upset because her lack of experience with men is stopping her from having a relationship. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as her three friends decide to solve this and call the gardener in from outside. Sade dies of embarrassment as they ask him to undress and when he hesitates they pounce on him and rip his clothes off. The young lady stares wide eyed at her first penis and is in shock when the others make her touch it. The four of them then jerk him off until he ejaculates, prompting Sade to ask “what’s that stuff?”

A sexy young woman getting her first sight and feel of a dick. With her friends all there to teach her what to do with it. It’s every man’s fantasy to be the object of affection in this scene. Click here to see more guys’s dreams come to life at PureCFNM.

Yoga Babes Ballbust And Jerk Off Helpless CFNM Guy

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Giggling Ballbusters from PureCFNM

Fitness teacher Barbie is going to punish Jason for perving on the women during her class. She says they will all give him a handjob – providing he lets them kick and slap him in the nuts! Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs when he reluctantly agrees and the girls strip him naked before taking turns to knee and smack him in the balls. They then push him onto the floor and alternate between slapping and wanking his cock until he has a big orgasm. Barbie then delights in scooping the cum up and shoving it in his mouth!

It would be a tough call for any guy to make – have these three hotties wank you off but suffering a ball kicking as a result. I think I would have to do it just to feel their heavenly hands on my penis! Click here for more CFNM action from PureCFNM now.

Girls In Lingerie Jerk Off Young Boy’s Boner So He Can Get Some Sleep

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Three In A Bed from PureCFNM

After a night out nightclubbing, the babes have said Sam can crash at their place. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place as he has nothing to wear but the ladies tell him to sleep naked. As the females strip off and put on their satin nighties, Sam gets very aroused. When they go to sleep he begins wanking but Vickie wakes up and catches him. Alessandra wakes up too and both girls want to jerk his cock as he clearly can’t sleep in that state. The poor boy soon has a big orgasm for them.

There’s something about girls in silky negligees that gets my dick hard. Alessandra and Vickie look so amazing in this scene – and there’s more from these two over at PureCFNM too!

Headmistress Forces Teacher To Strip Naked In Front Of Two Students So They Can All Jerk Him Off

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Flashing Incident from PureCFNM

When two girls claim the new male tutor flashed them, the headteacher decides to investigate. She hauls the young man into her office and gets the young ladies to recreate the crime in front of her. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when the tutor is made to remove his clothes and then wiggle his dick in front of them as they laugh at him. The women then sit him down and each have a go to jerk his cock, getting tips on how to control a man from the headmistress. As the young girls watch in awe he shoots his load!

An older woman taking a young man in hand and also teaching two young girls what to do with a cock – does CFNM get any better than that? I don’t think so! Click here to view more from PureCFNM, the market leader in CFNM entertainment.

Sorority Girls Force New Girl To Suck Cock While Blindfolded Only To Find Out It Was Her Professor!

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Blindfold Shock from PureCFNM

Hannah is desperate to get into the sorority but has to pass the initiation set by Yasmin and Chantelle. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as they cover her eyes and tell her she is about to blow the young, hot captain of the football team. Instead, in walks English tutor Mr Davies who takes all his clothes off and sticks his cock in her mouth. The other girls join in and with all three girls sucking his dick he cums all over Hannah’s face. When she removes the blindfold and sees who just jizzed on her face she is horrified!

It’s quite kinky that two of the girls were in cahoots with the teacher to get his penis into the new girl’s gob. And I loved the way they couldn’t resist having a suck themselves! Thanks PureCFNM for another very horny CFNM scene!

Older Guy Is Stripped And Wanked Off By Daughter’s Friends Just As Wife Walks In!

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Daughter's Friendsfrom PureCFNM

When Brian’s wife asks him to keep their daughter’s friends entertained until she comes home, little did he realize what he had let himself in for! It turns out the three horny youngsters are into older men and soon seduce their mate’s dad and yank his trousers down. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when they are in mid wank when Rebecca comes home. She assumes it is all his fault and allows the girls to carry on jerking off the dirty old bastard until he cums all over the place as they howl with laughter!

Young girls are just as sex mad as teen boys and as we see here, they just love cock – any cock! The fact it was their pal’s father makes it even hotter, no wonder he shot his load in front of their staring young eyes! Want to see the best CFNM action on the net? Click here now . .

Clothed Beauties Laugh Their Heads Off As They Strip Loser Naked And Get Him To Hump Their Legs Until He Cums!

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Leg Humper from PureCFNM

Three girls are in the waiting room when they recognize a guy that walks in. Chessie has seen him on a porn video and tells the other females that he ejaculates REALLY quickly. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as they want to see for themselves so they take all his clothes off and reveal his rock hard dick! They wish to see how little they have to do to make him shoot so they force him to kneel on the floor and stick his cock between their legs. They are in hysterics as he fucks their thighs, eventually cumming all over Chessie’s calves!

It’s so sexy when women undress a guy naked and have so much fun with his boner. The way the ladies laughed as the poor fella dry humped their legs was such a turn on. And when he shot his load down Chessie’s calves – it caused the same reaction from my dick! Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Girls Trick Guy Into Stripping Naked By Claiming The World Is About To End

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End Of The World from PureCFNM

Scarlet walks in and explains she has just seen the news. Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs when they discover a meteor is heading to earth and they have only an hour to live. They discuss what they would do in their final hour and their curiosity peaks when Mark announces that he has always wanted to get naked in front of a load of girls. Since they are all doomed anyway they convince him to do it and he starts undressing in front of the women who are quickly screaming with excitement. They take turns to play with his dick until he spurts a big load for them.

It was pretty deceitful of these ladies to con the guy into getting naked for them, but in reality I wouldn’t have minded! He got wanked to orgasm by five gorgeous women so it wasn’t too much hardship for him! Click here to see more from the global leader in CFNM entertainment, PureCFNM, now.