CFNM Girls Discover What Turns A Man On With Double Cumshot

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Sight Or Touch from PureCFNM

What excites a man? Is it the sight of gorgeous babes in sexy lingerie or is it being sucked off by beautiful females who are fully clothed? Well today, PureCFNM is going to find out. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what takes place as sexy professor Jade gets two pairs of ladies to compete with each other to discover who can make their man cum first. One team strips off and gets their guy horny by showing off their bodies. The other pair stays completely dressed but gives their guy a joint blowjob. But who wins, which man shoots first and where does he ejcaulate? Watch the full movie to find out . .

Getting a blowjob or staring at 10 out of 10 girls in stockings and a thong – I think these guys had the best of both worlds. No wonder they shot such big loads while the girls watched and laughed a them. Poor guys, totally unable to control the spunk flying out of their own dicks . . very horny stuff from PureCFNM.

Stud Stripped Naked In Corridor Before Getting Double Blowjob

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Corridor Naked from PureCFNM

Antonio has met Holly on-line and is excited about meeting up for some sexy fun. But when he arrives at her apartment she makes him take all his clothes off in the hallway so she can examine the goods before letting him in. Holly then hides his clothes while he stands nude in the public hallway – only to be discovered by a female neighbour. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when Holly asks her in and the two women then proceed to take advantage of the poor naked guy. They admire his big black cock before taking turns to jerk and suck it until he gives up his cum load for them.

Two horny fully clothed white girls lusting after a huge black cock! This scene is the first and only time glamour model Lu Elissa has ever touched a black penis on camera and she ends up sucking it until he cums! Not to be missed!

Male Cadet Is Made To Strip By Female Navy Colleagues

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Training Run from PureCFNM

Drill instructor Jasmine is putting her military recruits through their paces. When Tony falls behind on a run she punishes him by forcing him to undress and do the second lap in the nude! Take a look at the sample clip here to view what occurs as they all finish and she is shocked to see Tony has a big erection. Surrounded by clothed females staring at his cock has got him rock hard and Jasmine realizes it must be his heavy balls that are slowing him down. The three girls take turns wanking and sucking his penis until he empties his nut sack for them. “Now let’s see what time you can do,” she yells!

Is there anything sexier than a woman in a position of power abusing that authority to take advantage of a naked man? I don't think so and no-one captures stuff like this better than PureCFNM. Click here to see more from them now . .

Three Babes Trick Waiter Into Getting Naked For Them And Then Suck Him Off

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More Drinks Please from PureCFNM

Alessa has invited two friends round to watch her slowly humiliate and tease hunky Josh. Every time he goes to the kitchen to fetch the girls a drink, he must return wearing one less item of clothing. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when the ladies sneakily pour their drinks into the nearby plant each time and have him stripped off in no time at all! As they pull his hands apart they smile at the sight of his stiffening cock and all take turns to have a feel. Soon all three women are sucking his penis until he shoots a huge load of cum over Louisa and Kirsty's legs!

What I love about PureCFNM is how they work so hard to find brand new amateur girls for their films. Two of the babes in this video were totally new and never been seen before and their reactions to CFNM are just perfect. No acting, no faking, just real shock and excitement. Click here to see more of their first time CFNM hotties here.

Three Gym Girls Trick Hunk Into Showing Them His Cock

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Drop On Three from PureCFNM

Fit stud Ricky is being shown round the health club by three female staff who hatch a plan to see him naked. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens as they ask him to join them in the hot tub but he hasn't got his costume. They con him that neither have they but when they all drop their towels at the same time Ricky discovers that the girls are still wearing their bikinis! The sight of his big dick gets the women very horny and they push him onto a bench and fight over who sucks his penis take turns blowing him until he has a massive orgasm!

So this guy gets a free work out AND a free three girl blowjob? I want to be him so much! The sight of the ladies sucking his balls and his cock at the same time made me shoot my load everywhere – a very sexy scene, thank you!

Step Mum Strips Young Man In Front Of Three Giggling Girls

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No Wanking from PureCFNM

When Tara catches step son Sam jerking off in his room again she is furious. Watch the trailer here to view what occurs when she beckons in her precious young ladies so she can teach him a lesson once and for all. She refuses to let him get dressed and bends him over the desk so all the girls can take turns spanking his ass. She then turns him round and shows off his cock to the young ladies. She gets all of them to have a feel of his penis as she teaches them what perverts men are. Then Tara shoves him onto the floor and lets her daughters suck his penis until he has a huge orgasm as they laugh their heads off!

An older woman displaying your cock to three beautiful young females – can there be anything sexier than that? This scene certainly got my dick as hard as rock – Sienna can touch my penis any day! Want to see more from PureCFNM? Click here now . .

Office Girls Discipline Naughty Flashing CFNM Co-Worker

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Office Disciplinary from PureCFNM

Daniel has been called to a disciplinary meeting to explain why he exposed himself to some female colleagues at the office Christmas party. His defence that everyone was drunk doesn't impress the women and they make him demonstrate exactly what happened. Watch the trailer here to view what occurs when he strips off and his huge dick comes into sight and the ladies take on a totally different tone. They start fondling his cock and balls and then take turns to suck it. The sight of stunning Amirah bent over the desk swallowing his dick soon has the poor guy cumming all over her face!

We all know silly things happen when people get drunk at company parties. But for this man his punishment quickly turned to pleasure. Watching Amirah sucking his dick while bent over that table had me shooting my load too! Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Women Buy And Sell Naked CFNM Men Based On Their Cock Sizes!

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Male Sale from PureCFNM

Stunning blonde Taylor trades in guys. Today she has two rich females looking to buy a new boy to fuck them while their husbands are out working. They eye up the two exposed male specimens commenting on their physiques and penis lengths. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what takes place as one of the studs is called “Quickie Heaven” and the girls can't work out why. But when they start touching his dick it soon shoots spurt after spurt high into the air without any warning! They decide to buy the longer lasting stud but insist on jerking him off until he too ejaculates his load!

Two huge cumshots in this wonderful CFNM scene of women controlling naked men. I love the way the guys are just there in the nude and on display for the girls to stare at and play with as they wish. The ladies are so gorgeous in this scene it is no surprise that both males had such big climaxes! Click here to see more from PureCFNM now.

Wife Gets Off On Sharing Her Husband With Other Women

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Your Husband Does What? from PureCFNM

Innocent Stella thinks its a joke when a married couple she meets at a party tells her that the boyfriend is a porn star. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when she doesn't believe them until Beth offers to show off her husband’s cock. They adjourn to a quieter room and Beth orders her other half to strip – just as Sabrina walks in! Seeing two girls groping her man really turns Beth on and she rubs her wet pussy as the other females wank and suck his penis. When he cums on Stella’s face, Beth is in heaven and asks the ladies if they want to fuck him next!

This woman is on heat sharing her boyfriend like that. It was very horny watching how excited she got when the other girls blew her other half’s big dick. If only my wife was like that! Click here for loads more CFNM fantasy videos from PureCFNM now.

Male Babysitter Is Caught Jerking Off By Three Girls Who Suck His Big Cock Dry

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Babysitter Caught from PureCFNM

Babysitter Ricky is wanking to porn mags when the lady of the house unexpectedly walks in early with two of her friends. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what occurs as they are shocked but decide to watch him playing with himself for a bit. They then confront him with Ava and Hannah very annoyed until raunchy Ruby suggests they should let him carry on. The women gather round him as he plays with his dick for them and before long they can't keep their hands off. Each of them plays with and has a suck of his penis, all three of them getting their tongues on his cock at the same time until he has a massive orgasm!

Apparently PureCFNM has a forum in their members area where you can suggest your own scene ideas. This BabySitter Caught video was put forward by a member of the site. You can even be the guy in your own movie too – amazing! Click here to find out more at PureCFNM now.